How To Say The Right Things To Girls

How To Say The Right Things To Girls
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Her: What aspects of 12 Ft. Ninja do you find appealing?

Me: What song did you listen to?

Her: The one you suggested, what was it? Invincible or something like that?

Me: Yes, didn't like it?

Her: Just asking what you find appealing.

Me: The versatility, the musicality, the lyricism. It goes from being heavy to pulling back...I love how eclectic their songs are.

Her: I agree with all that.

Her: Regardless of genre I have a hard time enjoying songs with excessive use of cymbals.

Her: And yelling, maybe I could get used to it but i usually choose not to listen to it.

Me: LOL. Isn't that all rock music?

Her: I do believe so. :-)

Me: I meant the cymbals, not the yelling.  I like their music because it covers the spectrum of human emotion.

Her: Yes to the cymbals.  I don't get it. They are so annoying.

Me: They're amazing.

Me: Just like you.

Her: So, the title of the book you are going to write this year is How To Say The Right Things To Girls.  Make sure there is a picture of cymbals on the back cover.

Me: There'd only be one page to the book.

Her: And what would it say?

Me: Speak from the heart.

Her: Mmm...

That exchange has been on my mind for hours.  For a multitude of reasons I suppose.

The woman I had the conversation with is amazing.  Simply amazing.  Physically, mentally.  I would count her as a dear friend, and though I have moments I would throttle her with the rope, in the library...I hold her in the highest esteem...and those eyes...I mean for reals...yet I digress.

Beyond all that though, it got me thinking about romance, and myself, in 2017.

It's weird how thoughts can sometimes swirl in our head.  As I think about it now, it's hard to articulate my thoughts.

But, I think they're a culmination of having a sweet moment, with a sweet woman, and reflecting upon myself, and the continued evolution I hope to see in 2017.

And so, I have my first idea on how to make my first million...and I'll be more than happy to give 15% to my friend...maybe.

So gentlemen, what would your "How To Say The Right Things To Girls" book say?  I'd love to hear.

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