Thanksgiving...and What I'm Thankful For!

Thanksgiving...and What I'm Thankful For!
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Every day of my life feels like an adventure off the beaten path of life.  I don't think any aspect of my life is where I expected it to be at this point.  The job I have, my relationships status, the things I do, the people I spend my time with...none of it is what I'd planned for myself.

Best laid plans can often go awry.

Despite that...I have no reasons to complain.  I woke up this morning, sore and dehydrated.  I trained 3 hours of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu yesterday, and obviously wasn't mindful enough of rehydrating.  Also, now that the heat is on in my apartment, my moisture is sucked out of me overnight.  From there, I had a quick breakfast, and headed to Lincoln Square for a holiday open mat at Team Redzovic Jiu Jitsu.  It was an excellent training session.

Following that, I stopped by my friend Tricia's house.  Tricia is one of the most pleasant people I know.  She's extremely snarky, and has a fabulous sense of humor.  I got the opportunity to at lest see her for a few minutes, and meet her boyfriend for the first time.  I then headed to my dear friend Beena's house.  I spent the remainder of the afternon and early evening with her and her husband Thilo, as well as her stepdaughter Leah, and their very big, bear-looking dog.

We ate, we laughed, we joked...we explored Google Cardboard and the wide world of VR.  It was fabulous.

As I now sit at home, I've had time to reflect upon those things which I am thankful for.  I'm thankful for a lot.  I'm able to take a step back and  look at my offbeat life, and recognize that I have nothing to complain about.  Every day, I'm presented with people who have tough lives...lives that are unimaginably daunting, complicated, dangerous, sometimes sad.  Ultimately, I have a roof over my head, food to put into my mouth, and a wealth of good people around me.  If you have that, then what complaints can you have?

I think most people would be willing to agree that I'm a generally positive person.  I always try to see things for their brighter sides, and in that trench of thinking, I'm looking at my life and thinking "damn, I got it pretty good."  Are their aspects of my life I'd like to change?  Absolutely.  Are their aspects of my life which I don't find fulfillment in?  Without a doubt...but man, how far down the rabbit hole could I be?

More specifically, here are some of the things I'm thankful for...

  • I was physically able to train 3 hours of Jiu Jitsu, and then wake up and train another hour today, with some great partners.  I'm thankful for my health.  I recently lost my sister because her body failed her.  She was on my mind a lot today, because Thanksgiving was often a day we'd have more contact than normal, and usually laugh and tell stories, and discuss life.  I'm thankful that she's no longer suffering.  Seeing the effects of cancer on her body was's not something I'd wish on anyone.  Losing her has served as a reminder to me to take care of myself, both physically, mentally, and emotionally.  I have a long road ahead of me, hopefully, and I want to keep this machine in good working order.
  • I had a bunch of friends who invited me to their homes today. As I mentioned before, I stopped by my friend Tricia's house.  From there, I went to Beena's.  I was supposed to go to another friends house later in the day...but the earliness of sunset really drags down my energy level currently, so I didn't make the hour drive out.  However, I'm thankful that I have so many people who look out for me, and whom I can call friend.  Be it my dear friend Sheridan in Alaska, or my buddy Phil here in Chicago, I have so many amazing people who shower my life in wonder and intrigue.  I'm single (unhappily about 75% of the time), but that's alright, because I still have a lot of love in my life.
  • I'm thankful that I have a job that I love. It's not perfect, but what in this life is?  I don't think I've ever complained about my current job. I love the work I do, and I feel like I have a real impact on not only my city which I love, but on the lives of many people.  I always joke around that "I'm doing God's work", and I'm not a religious person, but I work to uplift the lives of others.  If that's not God's work, then what is?
  • I'm thankful that my girls are happy and healthy.  I'm thankful that they are developing into intelligent, curious, good natured and good hearted people.  I'm thankful that I've been able to see them get to this point, and I hope that I can see them become fully conscious and awoke adults ready to tackle this crazy world.

While I could probably come up with a list of about 100 things that I'm ultimately thankful for, I think that covers the big things...the real things.  I have healthy and happiness abound.  I work every day to see my life on a better path than it was the previous day...and I have the ability to do that...another thing for which I am thankful.

How about you?  What are you thankful for today?  What in your life is going right?  For that matter, what in your life is going wrong?  Feel free to share. I'd love to hear.

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