Why Stand Pat?

You, yes you the avid college football fan, the one who cursed Notre Dame for chickening out of a rivalry, and you, the one who felt that slightest tinge of enthusiasm and pride that the MAC handled the B1G with relative ease on Saturday, no doubt saw USC Athletic Director Pat Haden scurry from the... Read more »

Throwing Down Hill

Maybe it was the launch of a new network. Maybe it was the launch of a new network with the documentary “The Believer” about the opposite head ball coach. Maybe it was the pinned hopes of an SEC East Title for South Carolina that overshadowed most things going into the Aggies’ game against the Gamecocks.... Read more »

Just a Ball Coach?

Steve Spurrier calls himself the Head Ball Coach. It’s a term he uses to articulate the position while de-glorifying it. Feigned holiness, feigned sacrifice, and feigned altruism do not seep from his pores when he lists his job responsibilities. Unlike Mike Krzyzewski, who claimed to be everything from a plumber to a drummer, a phlebotomist... Read more »
ChicagoNow Video

Traditional Fandom

College football just isn’t the same anymore. Penn State is locked out of a bowl game until 2016 for covering up a sex abuse scandal. Their former head coach couldn’t deal with the demonic alumni base who glorified the second-most recent former head coach who failed to do his job as a mandated reporter. Nebraska... Read more »

Throw Damn Tide

Dear Nick, Best of luck on the upcoming season. I say that with the sincerity of an opposing coach who shakes your hand prior to kickoff. Ready for West Virginia week one? You should be. I’m intrigued by the assemblage of talent you’ve stockpiled on offense. Good thing you didn’t win the national championship. Gave... Read more »

The Parameters of the Search

Chide Nick Saban for his humdrum lunch, or for an affect flatter than the middle of a paper plate, but respect the man for process. Yes, The Process, his process.  The Process is about the next drill, the next practice, not the entirety of a goal. Take care of The Process and The Process yields... Read more »

College Football Redemption

Nelson Algren said loving Chicago is like loving a woman with a broken nose. Reports are unconfirmed if the injured party inflicted the damage after she watched an entire Beef O’Brady’s Bowl and frog-splashed onto a Foosball table. Who could blame her? Who wants to watch an irrelevant college football game? College football is the... Read more »