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Get off the ledge...Hawks collapse nothing more than a loss

So, if you missed it (and why would you?) the Hawks had a 5-1 lead in the 3rd period, until the Minnesota Wild stormed back to tie the game and eventually win it in the shootout.  Over the next 18 hours or so, the “experts” (meaning everyone who decided to stray from football for 5-6... Read more »

Hossa and the Blackhawks embarrass Sharks

I think it’s safe to say Marian Hossa’s Hawk debut (or Hossa-day)  was a great success.  As if his 2 goals weren’t enough, the Blackhawks absolutely dismantled the “best team in hockey” 7-2 in San Jose Wednesday night.  Before the loss, the Sharks had a 7-0-2 record on home ice. It was an absolute beatdown. ... Read more »

Tips for hosting a fantastic Hossa-day party

As Jim Carr once said, “There’s an air of expectancy” at the old War Memorial tonight.  Blackhawk fans young and old could hardly sleep last night. The day they’ve been awaiting since July 1st has arrived. It’s Hossa-day! Marian Hossa makes his Blackhawks debut tonight, and no doubt you want to celebrate in style. Here... Read more »

Kane, Toews, and Keith deals in a holding pattern

If you’re wondering why the contract extensions for Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, and Duncan Keith haven’t been announced yet, it’s because the Hawks need to juggle some salary issues before they can be put though.  I can’t even begin to understand or explain how it works, so I’ll let TSN’s Bob McKenzie explain: Patrick Kane... Read more »

Hockey etiquette for the new Blackhawks fan

Last night, as I watched the Hawks beat the Maple Leafs from Section 308, I realized that the United Center is quickly becoming the new Wrigley Field (minus all the losing).  A Blackhawks game has become the place you bring you clients, your kids, or spend your 21st birthday “woo-ing” and asking everyone to buy... Read more »