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Just when you start to respect the Canucks, they open their mouths

Last night’s Game 7 in Vancouver may have been the best hockey game I’ve ever watched in terms of drama, excitement and stress.  As much as it pains me to admit, the better team won.  The Canucks took it to the Hawks for much of the series, and probably deserved to win.   Over the... Read more »

Antti Niemi said NO (more 45 shot games please!)

Antti Niemi was absolutely spectacular in Sunday night’s wins over the Sharks.  It was perhaps the best goaltending performance I’ve seen from a Hawks goalie in 10 years. But as Lou Brown in Major League once said, “Don’t ever f***in’ do it again!” The San Jose Sharks peppered Niemi with 45 shots…many of them prime... Read more »

Shark Tank could be home away from home for Hawks

Call it overconfidence, but would I be a fool to say the hardest part is over for the Hawks?  After beating a pesky, physical Nashville team, and a high scoring, Roberto Luongo led Vancouver team, both in six game, the Hawks are returning to the Western Conference Finals for the second consecutive year. Last season,... Read more »