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Remember When, Hawk fans?

I never thought I’d be at such a loss for words in my life.  You’d think for a lifelong Blackhawk fan, writing a blog after they win the Stanley Cup would be easy.  It’s not.  As I found myself thinking about what to write, and what to say, my mind kept scanning the last decade... Read more »

Hawks win over Kings just what the doctor ordered

Well that’s more like it.  No brutal injuries, no cheap shots, no controversy…just an old fashioned dominating victory.  This is the Hawks team we’d grown used to seeing, and missed the last couple of weeks.  The Hawks 3-0 win over the Kings might be their most important win of the year.  Last night and all... Read more »

Justice is served : Wisniewski suspended 8 games for cheap shot on Seabrook

Wednesday night, James Wisniewski took the cowards way out, and decided to cheap shot Brent Seabrook with a charge from the blue line, which temporarily knocked out the Hawks defenseman.  Seabrook would not return. Today, the NHL handed down Wisniewski’s punishment.  He will be suspended 8 games.  While that may not seem too harsh, the... Read more »

Wisniewski injures Seabrook with cowardly headshot, Hawks don't seem to mind (VIDEO)

It takes a man to drop the gloves and go toe to toe with an opponent in a hockey fight.  It takes a coward to charge a defenseless player from the blue line to the goal line, leave your feet, and deliver a blow to the head. Anaheim Ducks defenseman James Wisniewski did the latter.... Read more »