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Tough offseason could finally be over for Hawk fans

Monday, the Blackhawks officially announced the one year re-signing of defenseman Nick Boynton, likely putting an end to the roller coaster ride that was the 2010 offseason.  The second the Blackhawks lifted the Stanley Cup, everyone knew there would be changes, but no one could have expected this. The combination of salary cap restrictions and... Read more »

Hawks deal Byfuglien, Eager, and Sopel to Atlanta

It’s a day we all knew was coming.  The Hawks are in cap hell, and people had to go.  Well, the first chips have fallen today. The Blackhawks have dealt Dustin Byfuglein, Ben Eager, Brent Sopel and Akim Aliu to Atlanta in exchange for the 24th overall pick at the 2010 NHL Entry Draft, the... Read more »

Remember When, Hawk fans?

I never thought I’d be at such a loss for words in my life.  You’d think for a lifelong Blackhawk fan, writing a blog after they win the Stanley Cup would be easy.  It’s not.  As I found myself thinking about what to write, and what to say, my mind kept scanning the last decade... Read more »

Hawks, hockey fans deserve better than Pierre McGuire

Before I begin my rip session, let me say a kind word or two about TSN and NBC’s Pierre McGuire.  As hockey insiders go, he’s one of the best.  Aside from TSN’s Bob McKenzie, McGuire is as good as anyone when it comes to trade rumors and behind the scenes knowledge.  With that said, I... Read more »

Hawks win over Kings just what the doctor ordered

Well that’s more like it.  No brutal injuries, no cheap shots, no controversy…just an old fashioned dominating victory.  This is the Hawks team we’d grown used to seeing, and missed the last couple of weeks.  The Hawks 3-0 win over the Kings might be their most important win of the year.  Last night and all... Read more »

Canucks suddenly emerge as a hated rival for Hawks

When you’re an Original Six team in the NHL, the word “rival” is thrown around pretty loosely.  Back in the day, when your opponents were so few, it was almost impossible to NOT have an intense game every night.  Familiarity breeds hatred. Now that the NHL has grown, and sports themselves have become less “personal”,... Read more »

As deadline approaches, Blackhawks can't hesitate

The NHL trade deadline comes this Wednesday, and the Hawks are expected to be active.  They have one of the top teams in the league, but are staring down salary cap issues this summer, and a weak link that is weighing heavy on everyone’s mind.  The Hawks, as currently constructed, are good enough to win... Read more »

UPDATE : Kane injury not a concussion...Hawks win big

While the Hawks were lighting up the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-0 Sunday night, Patrick Kane was forced to watch.  He suffered what the Hawks are calling an “upper body injury” after tripping and hitting his head on the ice in the 1st period.  As the Hawks winger was chasing a loose puck, his legs were... Read more »

Revenge on Mitchell best served on scoreboard

It was just about a month ago when Vancouver defenseman Willie Mitchell crushed Jonathan Toews, giving him a concussion and causing him to miss the Hawks next 6 games. The Hawks have revenge on their minds tonight.  When your captain is hit hard, whether the hit is clean or not, someone has to step up... Read more »

Something is missing with these Blackhawks

Call it nit picking, but I think there’s an element the Blackhawks had last year that they are lacking this season. It’s not scoring, it’s not leadership, but it’s that certain spark.  The Hawks have looked asleep at the wheel a few times this season.  Fortunately, they have the talent to overcome a lackluster period... Read more »