Keith's one-game game suspension justified

Wednesday, the NHL suspended Duncan Keith for one game after his irresponsible, selfish, and reckless high stick on Jeff Carter. Watch Brendan Shanahan's explanation below. I'll meet you underneath.

I'm going to ask everyone reading this blog to take off their Blackhawk hats for a second. Put down the red and black pom poms for a moment. Put the rally towel in the washing machine. Put the headdress on get the point.

Think of this as Johan Franzen slashing Jonathan Toews...then tell me what you think.

What Duncan Keith did was reckless and stupid. What Jeff Carter did was nearly as reckless and just as stupid, but we're not talking about Jeff Carter. Keith's decision to react the way he did was stupid, and he immediately realized it when he tried to skate over to Carter and apologize after the incident. Sure, that's a nice gesture, but it doesn't change what he did.

To be perfectly honest, I didn't think the slash warranted a suspension after the game last night, but after watching this .GIF over and over again, you see the intent was there.  As soon as I saw that, I said "suspension."


Keith is emerging as a bit of a hot head. You have the elbow to Daniel Sedin, that landed him a 5 game suspension.  You have his 2009 elbow to Matt Cooke.  Now, you have this suspension coming at the most critical of times.

A player as valuable to his team as Keith must rise above little cheap shots by the opponent.  Make them pay on the scoreboard.  That's the best revenge.  Carter would glady take 20 stitches a game if it meant a playoff win.  Almost every hockey player would.  Now, with Keith out for Game 4 and Niklas Hjalmarsson playing on a badly bruised knee, the Kings have negated 2 of the Hawks' top 3 defenders.

Keith needs to be in better control of his emotions, especially this time of year.


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    Valid points. You are absolutely right, if us Blackhawks fans remove our blinders, review the video of the hit, it was unnecessary. There are so many injustices committed against the Blackhawks with bias officiating and analysts both here in Canada and U.S. network coverage. However, I have to agree with Mr. Shannigan, accept it and move forward. Adversity always makes the Hawks stronger.

  • In reply to Nancy Johnson:

    I agree, especially seeing the video over and over again. Keith knew what he did was stupid, and I am actually surprised that he only got a one game suspension. They said in the video that Keith is a past offender, but I could not find any past incidents. Does anyone know what his past offense or offenses were.

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    Duncan really needs to stop being such a retaliatory little bitch. I do think it's weak for Shanahan to not look at what led up to the stick to the face. Carter could have earned a little discipline of his own. Guess Shanahan felt 20 stitches was enough?

  • Agree with you completely. The suspension is well deserved. One point of frustration with me throughout these playoffs (especially) is seeing how the refs have changed their penalty calling criteria from the regular season. Apparently, Interference infractions are no longer called (see the Red Wings vs. Toews and the various hooks, holding sticks, crosschecks, etc). For a more recent example, just look at the PIT v BOS game last night. I suppose the refs don't want to alter the game results with their calls, but by not calling blatant infractions they are exactly doing that.... Jagr's hook on Malkin last night was blatant, and ultimately affected the result of the game last night. Similarly, Carter committed at least 3 infractions prior to Keith's "idiot gene" took over. In the replays you can see Carter: 1) elbow 2) crosscheck 3) hold and throw Keith's stick. If any of those penalties were called, chances are Keith wouldn't have stupidly taken matters in his own hands. Another non-call impacting the game (in this case Game-4).
    Just call the penalties for what they are... penalties. I would hate for the NHL to resemble the NBA more and more in their (preferential) infraction calling.

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    While I agree that the hit had no place in the game, the officials are a joke, and the NHL needs to take a look at that as well. Look at last night. Kane gets a high stick that takes him off his feet (yes, partly a sell job), no call. Toews gets a hook on a near break-away that alters his shot, no call. Kane makes a minor hook that didn't interfere with J. Williams ability to move the puck, penalty. Frolik gets a stick up that barely causes Brown's head to flex (despite his sell job) penalty.

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