The 10 most loathsome St. Louis Blues of all time

With the Detroit Red Wings likely headed to the Eastern Conference next season, it's time for Blackhawk fans to cuddle up to a new divisional and regional rival.  For many die hard Hawks fans (myself included), the St. Louis Blues have always been the team to hate.  Sure, it was easy to dislike the Red Wings because of all of their success, but they're a class organization with quality players that play skilled hockey.  The Blues, on the other hand, have always seemed to be full of whiners, underachievers, and all around jerks.  Here's a look at some of the most reviled Blues throughout the years.  If I missed anyone, please let me know in the comments section or on my Twitter (@jayzawaski670).

*Special thanks to Jim Chaplin for his help on some of the older players



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  • Kelly Chase, The Plager brothers, Todd Ewin, Herb Raglin, Darin Kimble, Garth Butcher just to name a few.

  • Tony Twist, Scott Stevens, Doug Harvey(1967-68),Plager Brothers, Paul and Gino Cavallini.

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