NHL Lockout offically over, camps open Sunday

NHL Lockout offically over, camps open Sunday

At approximately 9:20pm CST Saturday night, the NHL and NHLPA signed the Memorandum of Understanding, officially ending the NHL's 119 day lockout. While the signing was just the final formality, it means the opening of camps, the signing, trading and waiving of players, and the release of schedules.

All NHL camps, including the Blackhawks, open Sunday. With the first NHL games being played January 19th, teams will have to quickly decide what their rosters will look like, and without the benefit of any preseason games. Teams with prospects looking to fill roster spots (like the Hawks) will have to use practices as a measuring stick.

As for player transactions, those can begin at 11:15ish tonight (Saturday). Some teams even have signings completed just waiting to be announced.

The next 24 hours are going to be intense. At this point, it's unclear how active the Blackhawks will be, but keep your Twitter open tomorrow while all the news, both local and national, breaks.

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