NHL officially cancels games through January 14th

NHL officially cancels games through January 14th

Thursday, the NHL announced it's latest batch of cancellations. Games through January 14th are now eliminated.

It's assumed by many that January 14th also represents the drop dead date to save the season. If the NHL and NHLPA don't strike a deal by then, the season will likely be cancelled all together.

In the past, cancellation announcements have led to negotiations, but nothing formal is planned, and it would be a suprise if the sides met before Christmas Day.

Happy Holidays, hockey fans. Santa brought you another kick in the pills.


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  • I note that you didn't mention the NHL's bizarre legal strategy, which will assure that there won't be further negotiations.

    Anyone can ask for a declaratory judgment, and the action can't be dismissed, but it will fail on the merits because employers can't force employees to join a union. Usually, employers want the opposite.

    As a practical matter, this shows that what the owners want is the union around to maintain the owner's labor-management antitrust exemption, because they want to void individual contracts. Once that immunity is gone, they are stuck with the contracts, and will have to end the lockout. Like the NBA lockout when the owners eventually caved (in time for the ABC Christmas games, and supposedly for that reason), the NHL owners will cave when they face the threat of treble damages.

    In fact, I'm surprised that Steve Fehr didn't pull this out of the hat before now, but the declaratory judgment action forced his hand.

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