NHL to cancel schedule through November

NHL to cancel schedule through November

Enjoying the NHL lockout yet?  It's really been great fun, hasn't it?

The glimmer of hope the NHL gave us 10 days ago burned out about...oh...8 days ago.   The NHL rejected the Players' counter offer after 10-15 minutes, and there hasn't been a single meeting since.

As a result, the opportunity for a full 82 game season is gone.  It won't and can't happen.  Friday, the NHL will cancel all scheduled games through November 30th.  So far, the Winter Classic hasn't been cancelled, but it's the next logical step.

Things are looking bleak at this point.  As the days go on, my initial hope for a January 1st opening day is looking less and less realistic.

Strap it down, hockey fans.  It's going to be a long, basketball filled winter.

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