EA Sports' NHL 13 demo flaunts huge improvements

EA Sports' NHL 13 demo flaunts huge improvements

Last week, EA Sports released the free playable demo for their upcoming hockey video game, NHL 13.

Every year, sports franchises talk about their big changes and new features, so gamers are right to be suspicious when they see "All New True Performance Skating".

Well, rest assured that this change is no small gimmick.  True Performance Skating is a huge addition, improving upon a game franchise that was already the best in all of sports.  While it's difficult to put the changes in to words (you won't truly understand until you play the game), but I'll give it a shot.

In years past, Brent Sopel and Patrick Kane could BOTH stop on a dime and skate circles around a defender.  With True Performance Skating, Kane can wheel and deal, all while maintaining puck control.  Sopel, on the other hand, feels like making a U-turn with a Mack truck.  Every player skates within their correct limits.  This makes offensively gifted player like Kane stand out from lesser players.  Speed kills in NHL 13...more than it ever has before.

Hockey gamers, do yourselves a favor and download this demo for your XBOX360 or the Playstation Store today.


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