Blackhawks uniforms ranked 5th in all sports

Blackhawks uniforms ranked 5th in all sports

Anyone with a functioning pair of eyes can see that the Blackhawks have one of the finest uniforms in all of professional sports.  It can not be disputed.'s Dave Dameshek took the time to rank every uniform of the "Big 4" American professional sports teams.  So where did the Hawks finish?

According to Dameshek, the beloved Indian Head is the 5th best in pro sports.  The only teams ranked higher are the 4th ranked Los Angeles Dodgers, 3rd ranked Oakland Raiders, 2nd place San Francisco 49ers, and the number 1 Philadelphia Flyers.

I know I'm biased, but the Hawks are by far the best in hockey.  If there's one team that has an argument, it's the Red Wings...not the Flyers.   Regardless, #5 of 122 is a pretty respectable finish.

Here's a look at how the other Chicago teams finished:

69. Bulls

67. White Sox

32. Cubs

17. Bears (who lost points for the navy road pants...I agree)





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  • I've always said the Hawks have the best uniform in all of sports. Fifth is unacceptable. LOL

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    Sharp, Teows or Kane not available? Had to go with stock photo of Jim Cummins?

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