Time for Patrick Kane to grow up

Time for Patrick Kane to grow up

Once again, Patrick Kane's public drunkenness has brought embarrassment to his team, his family, his organization, and to the fans of the Chicago Blackhawks.

Kane is not the only player who drinks.  But at some point, isn't it time to grow up?  People keep making excuses for him.  "He's a 23 year old kid...I drank a lot back then!"  Blah...blah...blah.  STOP!

Rumors of choking a girl?  Really?  He certainly didn't want to choke Joe Thornton when he was punching his partner, captain and friend Jonathan Toews, did he?

Patrick, stop being an idiot.  Stop being an a-hole.  Seriously.  It's enough.  A 23 year old MAN is not a college student...unless he's in medical school.  Last time I checked, the only doctor Kane is playing is in the back of a bar...assuming he hasn't passed out yet.

Some Kane defenders believe that media sites like Deadspin have it out for the winger.

Why?  Why Patrick Kane?  Of all the hateable players in all of the major sports, why Kane?  He should be a golden boy.  He should be the face of the NHL. American born?  Check.  Electrifying player?  Check.  Charismatic?  Check.  Stanley Cup Champion / Hero?  Check.

So why does the "media" pick on Kane?  The bottom line is - they don't.  No one is to blame for Kane's troubles but Kane.  That's it.

Think about this:  You are a bar owner in Chicago.  Patrick Kane walks in to your bar.  At that point, you are thrilled that a celebrity is at your place and enjoying himself.  How much would it take for you to throw Kane out?  Seems like it isn't a problem for many bar owners.  It seems like everyone has a "Kane story", doesn't it?

It's time for the Blackhawks to PUBLICLY get in front of this situation.  Condemn Kane's behavior in front of a live mic.  The behind the scenes talks aren't getting through.  It's time to embarrass him publicly...like he's done to everyone else in this city.  If the doesn't respond then, maybe it's time for Kane, and the Blackhawks, to move on.



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  • "ALLEGEDLY" choked a girl, you mean..?

    In any case, you can tell a guy a million times to grow up. But it's one lesson we have to learn ourselves. Let the kid be the kid. When he's the beloved face of the NHL in ten years, we'll all look back and have a good laugh.

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    In reply to Dan Bradley:

    Alledgedly - from several sources. That's not that alledged.

    He's also not a kid. I stopped being a "kid" when I was 16, at the latest, when I was 19. That's a terrible excuse.

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    Yes, Patrick Kane should definitely heed the words of someone who writes like an angry 14 year old sends texts. Capitalizing words for emphasis way too often is not exactly a formula for effective prose.

    Patrick Kane is an arrogant twit. So what?

    Should you be reprimanded for being an irresponsible journalist? After all, you're not only writing like a child, but referencing an article that is complete hearsay and rumor.

    Do you honestly think the cops wouldn't have been involved if Kane actually choked a girl? I have a hard time believing we'd be talking about "rumors" rather than "bail was paid" if this actually happened.

    Kane has some obvious growing up to do, but this article is the quintessential example of the pot calling the kettle black.

  • So me using caps is the same as Patrick Kane getting blackout drunk and perhaps choking a woman. I'm going to turn myself in now.

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    How about you stop telling people how to live their life? If you think Patrick Kane cares what a meatball like you has to say than you must not know hockey. Kaner sticks to what he knows best- wheeling sluts and dangling tendies

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