NHL suspends Carcillo for 7 games

NHL suspends Carcillo for 7 games

Wednesday night, NHL Senior VP of Hockey Operations and Player Safety Brendan Shanahan announced that Blackhawks' forward Daniel Carcillo will be suspended for seven games for his hit on Edmonton defenseman Tom Gilbert.

In the suspension video, Shanahan clearly explains why the decision was reached, including the facts that Carcillo was a repeat offender, and that Gilbert was injured on the play.

The length of the suspension may not matter however, as Carcillo's days with the Blackhawks could be numbered. Many are speculating that the injury he suffered on the hit in question could end his season, and it's doubtful the Hawks would bring him back knowing he'd already miss the first seven games of next season.

Wednesday, I said on the air on 670 the Score that from my seats, high above the corner where the hit took place, it looked like Gilbert made himself vulnerable by deciding to "disengage" Carcillo moments before the hit. Watching the replay in the video shows what I was talking about, but this is by far the best and closest look I've gotten. After reviewing this video, I think seven games is more than fair, and maybe even a bit lenient. Regardless, Carcillo won't be back on the ice for the Blackhawks for a long time...if ever again.


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