Hatred Justified : Vancouver embarasses themselves, "their" game

Looking back on it, the outcome of the game was wholly predictable.  Most Blackhawk fans (myself included), were rooting for the inevitable implosion of hockey's most classless team, and once again, it happened. 

The Boston Bruins won their first Stanley Cup since 1972, and while they were skating with the Cup, Vancouver fans were taking to the streets.   

The game was winding down, and the one hundred thousand odd Canuck fans gathered outside Rogers Arena knew the inevitable was coming.  The Canucks would not win the Cup.

It began with a few beers tossed at a video screen.  Then a few people decided to flip a car over...then set it on fire.  From there, the nightmare began.  Police cars burnt, people falling from buildings, buildings vandalized, a parking garage set on fire.  These were the images of the beautiful city of Vancouver, and they will be the lasting images of the Canucks fans for years to come. 

This is not about hockey.  This is not about me not liking Alex Burrows or Kevin Bieksa.  It's about Vancouver, one of Canada's shining star cities, making a mockery of "their" game of hockey.  "Hockey is Canada's Game".  The home made signs are in every arena in Canada when a US team comes to town. 

Congratulations Vancouver.  You've taken the spotlight off your sackless bunch of quitting chokers (and biters) and put it on yourselves.  

Thank you for embarassing the game I love, and have fought for and defended for years.  You've set the game back a decade.  The NHL will continue to be a punch line for years to come.  You've played a big part in that.  Give yourselves a pat on the back.  The lasting memory of what should be remembered as a classic Stanley Cup Finals series will be buring police cars, instead of the handshake line.


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  • Amazing. Just a few days ago I was thinking about how cities used to riot when a team won a championship. I thought about Dallas's victory over Miami and thought "Gee. No riot in Dallas. I guess those days are over. That's nice."

    As if the way the Canucks play the game wasn't enough, now we can all reference this as another reason why they may be one of the easiest to hate franchises in pro sports.

    I thought Philadelphia was one of the worst cities in terms of fan behavior, but after last night, Vancouver definitely takes the cake.

    Simply amazing.

  • I completely agree with this. It's disgraceful, vandalizing and beating fellow fans in the streets, I always though Canadians were supposed to be the nice ones. Well they will enjoy it when taxes get raised to pay for the damages. That being said, it was foreseeable that Boston would win the series, while admittedly when asked I still said I though vancouver would win (despite wanting boston to win) I did think Boston could win after vancouvers behavior in game 3, it showed lack of maturity and resilience for winning the Cup

    On a personal note, I hope burrows gets some sort of cheap shot in every game for the rest of his career (not saying i hope he gets a blindside hit to the head every game, but little slashes, jabs, punches, and shoving... yes, he deserves it all)

  • Canucks fans motto: "Bibo ergo sum"

  • I made a comment like this on my site...total joke. I know that there are good Nucks fans, but this (coupled with '94) makes them look like Detroit West. www.chicagonow.com/blogs/chicago-tough

  • Yes, even though when Vancouver beat the hawks, we didn't go into the street and beat up fellow blackhawk (or Canuck) fans in the street... we didn't flip cars, set them on fire, vandalize buildings... we also didn't do that when the Bears lost the superbowl... incase you were going to say we lost in the first round not the finals...

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