Frustrated Blackhawks have no one to blame for changes but themselves

Frustrated Blackhawks have no one to blame for changes but themselves
Brouwer voiced his displeasure about the Blackhawks moves on Tuesday's Danny Mac Show on the Score

In my real life, I'm the Executive Producer of the Danny Mac Show on the Score, 670 AM.  Yesterday, we had former Hawk and new Washington Capital Troy Brouwer on the show. 

Troy was asked how his former team mates feel about some of the recent moves.  "I kind of thought they'd make more of an effort to try and keep the team together, but obviously that's not the case," Brouwer said. "And I've talked to a couple of guys on the Blackhawks currently that are a little frustrated with how everything is going."

I understand.  I really do.  It sucks to see guys you've played with, practiced with, and roomed with leave town.  It's no fun.  I'm not going to pretend these guys are emotionless robots, but I'm also not going to pretend they are stupid. 

The Blackhawks have an outstanding core.  Players like Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith, Brent Seabrook and Marian Hossa are all locked up long term.  Patrick Sharp will join that locked in core in short order, as he is due a contract after this season.  All of them are payed accordingly...right at market value. 

That's the problem.  When your core is that deep, it's expensive to keep them all around.  That's why fringe players are having to be moved.  The Hawks like to compare themselves, as an organization, to the Red Wings.  The difference is the contracts the Wing players sign.  They know how special it is to play in Detroit, and they want to keep the team competitive for decades.  Their players make the financial sacrifice to stay.  A million here, $500k all adds up. 

Just think if Keith, Seabrook, Kane and Toews had taken a little less.  Kane and Toews both make $6.3.  Take $300k away each, and that's $600k more towards the cap.  Take $500k off the $5.8 million Seabrook makes and $5.5 Keith makes.  That's $1.6 million in cap space, and Troy Brouwer is likely still here. 

These little sacrifices matter. 

Maybe it should all start with Patrick Sharp.  Maybe he should set the example.  We will find out soon how "frustrated" he is with the changes.

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