Just when you start to respect the Canucks, they open their mouths

Last night's Game 7 in Vancouver may have been the best hockey game I've ever watched in terms of drama, excitement and stress.  As much as it pains me to admit, the better team won.  The Canucks took it to the Hawks for much of the series, and probably deserved to win.



Over the last few days, we had heard stories coming out of Vancouver saying the Canucks had to win for the good of the city, the well-being of Vancouver...ites?  Uns?  Vanginas?  Whatever they're called, a game seven loss would crush their souls and their city would burn.  As a Cub fan, I had empathy.  I know what it's like to have my dreams crushed year after year. 

After Alex Burrows buried the game winner, and after my anger subsided, I almost felt good for guys like Ryan Kesler and Roberto Luongo.  Good guys who play the game the right way.  Those feelings lasted...oh...about 5 minutes.

Quotes started filtering out from the Canucks locker room.

Henrik Sedin :  "We were the better team for five games.  They had no business being in this series.  We made it tough on ourselves." 

Really?  Hey Henrik, Dave Bolland shut your ginger ass down, and the lowly Blackhawks took you to the absolute brink.  They were one shot away from eliminating you.  I think they "belong". 

Kevin Bieksa :  "Most of the guys you respect on (the Blackhawks).  There are a couple of those arrogant guys you love shoving in their face."

Funny Bieksa used the word "respect".  I have a lot of respect for a guy who turtles when John Scott is around, and gets all tough when Viktor Stalberg is around.  You're really a bad ass Bieksa.

The Vancouver Canucks may win the Stanley Cup this season, but let me say this on behalf of all Blackhawk fans.  Go Predators, Sharks, and yes, even Red Wings.  Anyone but these tools.  I wanted to like the Canucks.  I really did.  They made it impossible.



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  • Just think Karma. They'll get theirs, and they'll keep the good guys from hoisting the Cup. I guess they think they won the games they lost otherwise the math doesn't work. Not very gracious winners.

    That may have been the fastest pace game ever. The Hawks had no time to be patient with the puck and get anything going. Oh well, I feel pretty good for the homeboys. They finally get to rest and heal. And Seabs won't have to play concessed.

  • In reply to JerryManderings:

    "Seabs" is from Tsawassen, BC a suburb of Vancouver. He's our "homeboy" actually.

  • In reply to hockeyfan1:

    Seabrook is da man... good ol' canadian kid

  • In reply to borg:

    ...and he's a proud ol' Canadian kid!! Only Americans would be so arrogant as to make statements to the contrary.

  • In reply to hockeyfan1:

    Seabrook has repeatedly said how proud he is to play for the Hawks and how he hopes to spend his career here. He's OUR homeboy, now.

  • In reply to Melime:

    Yes because saying otherwise would make him popular... use your common sense.

  • In reply to felixinkits:

    There is such hypocrisy written in these comments that it's comical. At least the Canucks don't have a developmentally disabled goon like John Scott, who actually threatens players on the opposing team. What a classless guy. But, here are some of Scott's disgusting comments:


  • In reply to RhysThompson:

    Congratulations to Vancouver for finally being able to beat Chicago. Sounds like the Canucks still have sour grapes even after they won. How tough it must have been for 3 years to know you couldn't defeat a team and then when you finally did, you still talk trash. In the end all that matters is if you win the cup. How many do you have Vancouver???

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    Banner check. Hawks 4 - Canucks 0.

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    Terrible articles with mediocre writing. Jay 25 - Canucks 0.

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    LOL!! incredible. it's exactly this type of comment that makes your whole article a complete farce. these types of comments from all the hawks writers(the knowledgeable ones and yourself) and fans is why the canucks players feel no need to be gracious. why should they. and what are you trying to say anyways... that 50 years ago when the hawks won the first 3 of their 4 cups that they were better than a team that didn't exist?? well i guess you are right. 50 years ago the hawks were way better than a team that didn't exist. congrats. and congrats on taking 40 years to win another.

  • In reply to JerryManderings:

    Every sport has both class-act athletes as well as the clowns. That will never change. Is it really worth it to get caught up in post-game taunts and verbal jabs from the clowns? The low-lifes live for this kind of stuff. Leave it alone and it goes away.

  • In reply to JerryManderings:

    Banner Check. One in 40 years for you. Canucks are 40 this year. And such an intelligent comeback. Try this Jay.... Instead of concentrating so much on how great or bad your teams are doing at the present moment why not try to enjoy the game itself. I looked back on your blogs and must say that you seem to jump off the wagon a lot. Please be careful you might sprain something.

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    Actually, 1 Cup in the last 2 years.

  • In reply to JimmyGreenfield:

    living in the past... tsk tsk

  • In reply to borg:

    Assuming you already have the Cup in hand and the banner raised... tsk tsk.

  • In reply to Melime:

    living in the now... or in the future, shall see come june!

  • In reply to borg:

    you won't see June cuz you will be eliminated before then..tsk tsk, indeed. get the golf clubs ready!

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    hahaha, ok kane's bitch

  • In reply to borg:

    @ReparateMe.com & other haters of Kaner & Hawks. The Hawks do give quite a bit back as the someone mentioned above by Soupy's Poker Tournament to autistic children & kids all over plus bringing Armed Forces back to see their families among other charities. You guys are just sore losers cuz u don't have a Cup in hand & won't. You have no class and luv to call people you don't even know names. u don't even know if i'm a female or a male u c*** f*** A$$ b***! kiss my A$$! & UR NUCKS TOO.

  • In reply to luvhawksn88:

    hahahahhaha, ok kane's bitch!

  • In reply to JerryManderings:

    Well done iplagitr !! When sports can become about cheering on your team when they are doing well or tanking, then, maybe we can start to work on tolerating other areas of our lives.

  • If Sharpie can roof that one, Vancouver burns and the Sedin wussies cry. Campbell, shoot the puck!! Wide open lane on the PP in OT and he tries a cross ice pass. Maybe because at the end of regulation he does shoot and misses the net high by five feet with Lou in panic mode. Kane was a non-factor and turtled when the physicality picked up, disappointing.. Oh well, fun ride while it lasted. Rest and recovery this summer and come back hungry and ready in the fall.

  • just when i tried to be a humble fan zawaski and rosenmoron open their mouths. boo hoo they got plastered from the media calling them stupid, mentally week, gutless... etc and you are crying because they aren't gracious enough stupid people?? how is that different than Jonathan "i'm the biggest whiner in the league" toews claiming the hawks would expose them for what they really are(president's trophy winners btw and thanks for the exposure toews) also, seriously stalberg?? when you start hacking people over and over with your stick you will get beat up!! as for bieksa, you shouldn't have to fight a caveman everytime you throw a clean check it's a contact sport. keith is a goon and a diver and yet you support him and yet you have a problem with bieksa fighting sticks with his fists. you and rosenmoron are a disgrace and luckily you will have nothing to write about for a while good riddance

  • In reply to Canucks:

    Uhmm, how was Toews incorrect? They did expose the Nucks, they made them blow a 3-0 lead and came a ass hairs width from losing the series. The Hawks exposed Vancouvers tendency to give up on games (Game 4 and 5), the ability to get in Luongos head and drive him from the rink and their tendency to take stupid penalties. The difference in penalties assessed was spot on, when looking at how each team accrued them in the regular season. I have very serious doubts Vancouver can even get to the finals let alone winning the Cup, they have serious goal tending issues which the Hawks completely exposed...

  • In reply to neuman35:

    didn't expose in game 7! that's all that matters now!

  • In reply to neuman35:

    I totally agree with your comment on the nucklers. Wow, i think there is something wrong with those fans up there in nuckland due to the fact that they were in sheer panick & ready to go golfing, then all of a sudden, they agree that the ginger twin was correct and our Capt. Tazer is a douchebag? What drug were they all taking? Tazer,22, Bolly & a rookie goalie our Crawbeast, took charge & each game Hawks lost by 1 and 2 goals! Hawks were impressive & for a dismantled Cup team that almost didn't make the playoffs, sure showed the nuckleheads that the #1 team Was beatable, had many flaws & that the goons woke up the Hawks. I luv Kaner but he was not good & coaches need to work with him to tell him how to be better and stronge. His bud Tazer should tell him too for next season so he can whip some butts. Nucks will not win the Cup!!!

  • In reply to luvhawksn88:

    I think you know that the weed in BC is tops in the world? ;) Do you really think that the only reason your (barely) 8th seeded team took this to game 7 was because of effort and a rock solid team? C'mon.... I'll give credit where it's due, you guys had some newbies come in and show great talent. I think that the difference in penalties called were largely in Chi's favor, especially when the game is close (numbers don't lie). But, this last point paired with the play of Crawford is the only reason! He played outstanding... I'll take nothing away from his performance. But, the guys in front of him didn't hold their own.

    I don't know why Chi needs to say that they 'exposed' the canucks? does this really make you sleep better thinking this way? I think that every player knows that every team is beatable.... The only thing I would be concerned about if I was playing the Nucks next..... " Damn, they only had that many penalties for them and the Hawks had HOW MANY?... can't believe the Nucks won?

  • In reply to neuman35:

    They didn't expose anything... all that they proved was that the Hawks couldn't win a series with the refs assistance. Any team that had such a huge discrepancy in penalties would also prove they were 'beatable'.... I doubt the Oilers, back in the day, could have done much better with so many penalties against.
    If this is what's gonna soothe you.... than run with it bro! But, when you want to face reality... Chi played well and showed heart, but the Canucks were a better team this year and showed it. Break it down... Your guys thought they could glide back and what pisses me off is that this wouldn't have come close without the extra pp's (this may not make a big difference in goal differential, as THIS SHOWS THAT WE HAVE ONE OF THE BEST PENALTY KILLS ON THE ICE.). But, it takes its toll on our players playing down 1 man anytime the game gets close. Only thing exposed is the Chi fans...

  • In reply to hawkaloogie:

    Ref's assistance? Come on. The discrepancy in penalties was because the Canucks hooked more, held more, interfered more... in fact, look back at the third period of game 7: if the Canucks weren't draped all over Toews like a bad suit the score at the end of regulation would have been 3-1.

    Your team showed it doesn't have the class the Hawks have. We were much more gracious winners in 2009, 2010, and games 4, 5, and 6 this year.

    Out of games 4 through 7, only the first period of games 1 and 2 and the second period of game 7 did the Canucks really look like the team that deserved to win the series. The Blackhawks lackluster power play and sloppy passing in game 7 was why the Canucks won the series.

    Finally, if H. Sedin has a career-ending injury against the Predators, I won't shed a tear and you can chalk it up to karma (as another poster here said).

  • In reply to korz:

    @korz: Yeah, I know this is tough to swallow... Watching the games as a Chi fan, it's tough to see the game without being biased (same goes with van fans). But, there were just too many discrepancies throughout the series that a lot of other players, fans, coaches, analysts, etc... have noticed too.

    Kesler's job is to cover Toews, but I haven't heard any complaints about his job or missed calls on any serious penalties against Toews (Sedins... plenty of players draped all over them too, but the difference is there were a ton of missed calls).

    Please don't talk about class... this is a mute point! You really think that Chi has more class? or the fans? This is just pointless... Chi may have been gracious (real or not) after the previous series because they won and we didn't play 'at their level'. We were not the ones calling the other team 'girls', if your player got hurt... we didn't taunt them and call them pu$$ies as they limped off the ice & we didn't take liberties on your keeper and take as many cheap shots (wish we had, but our guys weren't tough enough previously)... Fair enough, you won the series before and we acknowledged you had a better team.

    All this talk about class and respect... give me a break! Capone's left some sort of mark on the rest of you Chi fans. RESPECT IS EARNED! You don't get it just because....

    And for the umpteenth time! English is NOT the Sedin's first language!!! So give him some leeway... Maybe if the interview was done in his mother tongue it might come out different. Regardless, it sounds like whining and nit picking because someone is not a gracious loser? Canucks and the fans can admit that you had a better team last year and that is why we lost....

    YOU REALLY THINK THAT YOUR 'BARELY' 8TH SEEDED TEAM IS BETTER THAN THE PRESIDENT TROPHY WINNERS? This shows that you still don't respect the Canucks... Have some CLASS and give the CANUCKS the respect they EARNED! If you can show class, we would also show it... but, if you don't, we won't give it to you! This is a true testament about the level of 'class' that the Canucks have to deal with....

    I guess we watched two different series... fair enough, it's pointless to argue this too. BUT, like you said... "The Blackhawks lackluster power play and sloppy passing in game 7 was why the Canucks won the series." and you still won't give us credit for this... Here's a wake up call for you, It's not all about 'ME'...or should I say Chicago!

    FINALLY, your FINAL PARAGRAPH SAYS IT ALL! I hope your just writing this to try and rile the van fans... In all honesty, I like the Hawks team, I think we have a great rivalry and I think it was one of the best series I've ever watched (that's a lot). For the last 3 years (talking about our games)... I have never wanted to see ANY player end up with a career-ending injury. Chalk it up to whatever you want... your thoughts and sentiments remind me of the terrorists cheering and laughing when the towers were attacked...


  • In reply to hawkaloogie:

    hawkaloogie, as much as I enjoyed the Hawks run last 2 seasons and have been a Blackhawks lifer, I am gracious enough to agree the better team won this series. The fact the Hawks made it a series was enjoyable and were one shot away from advancing was fun to watch. As far as all the trash talk from the team, it does not bother me as that is and will always be a part of sports.
    I'm sorry though, I have to believe your beloved Canucks will fall short of winning the coveted prize. They may not even make it past the Preds. Yes, they won the President's Trophy, congrats; but I'm not so sure that would have been the case had they not played in the weakest division this past season. How many teams made it to the playoffs from the NW division again? ONE - the Canucks. Three from each of the other divisions.
    I do not wish a career ending injury on ANYBODY, what a selfless classless commment.
    But once again I believe Roberto (who is a class act) will unfortunately let you down when needed most. Each series as you know gets tougher. And the Sedin twins, much like the Hawks core this year, disappear in the playoffs. Sorry but practice saying this over and over "Vigneault and Luongo must go". AND . . . if I am wrong, congrats to you and I will eat my words.

  • In reply to hawksfan4life74:

    @hawksfan: I agree, the series was great... seriously the best hockey I've watched, well, it's definitely up there. Yeah, the hawks did great and I wasn't too surprised... I knew that they wouldn't let the Canucks roll past them and they'd put up a tough fight. Yeah, trash talking is part of the game and I can appreciate it... as long as they know what they're talking about.

    I have no problem with your thoughts on the Canucks future... If I wasn't a van fan, I wouldn't believe they could make it either. I know that when you guys beat us last year... I didn't think the hawks could make it, I think this is par for the course (no pun intended). This year, the Canucks haven't really shown up (I'm not knocking Chi, I'm talking about our 1st line and the goal drought). And my level of stress/worry is probably equal to or greater than most Chi fans excitement about the situation now and the preds ability to stifle the Nucks. I NEVER thought that this would be an easy series, our regular season came to a draw and these guys are just as hungry.... and they are one of the top defensive teams in the league (boring hockey .... but effective).

    Regarding the President's Trophy, a lot of people have 'reasons' for us winning this and I will agree to some extent. Yes, the other teams in our division haven't faired so well this year (no love lost here hehe) and this may have resulted in such a big lead for the trophy... but, our record against the teams in the west have shown that we belong up top in the West. I think that our record against the Eastern teams is pretty good too.... so it's not a fluke that we made it this far or we won (the margin may have been a lot tighter). Yes, the trophy race might have been a lot tighter had we been in another division... but, you can't deny that we belong in the race.

    Regarding Roberto and the Sedins! These guys are part of the Canucks nucleus. They have taken us into the playoffs... finally gotten us past the hawks... took the Canucks to the top of the league for the first time this year, simultaneously stressing me out and killing me softly.... These guys are great to watch, but frustrating at times. Having said this, I wouldn't trade them (maybe adjust Lou's contract) and I just have to keep my faith... they took us to another level for the first time.

    AV - I am not a true fan of AV's, he does come through at times... but I'm with you on this.

  • In reply to hawkaloogie:

    You will get your respect win you hoist the cup. Last time I checked you get nothing for winning the first round.

  • In reply to hawk317:

    @hawk: hehe nice! I respect your mature, well-thought response! Have you read this article or the comments by most of your 'playmates'? It is not I nor the Canucks that require 'your' respect little buddy :) We are not the ones crying about respect and what "he said/they said" Talk to JayZ about this and reward him with your comments ....

    Before I go, I wanted to thank you for pointing out that there is no reward for winning the first round. Here I am running around screaming and chanting 'were #1'... btw, last time I checked, we WON the right to play in the second round, we WON the right to keep playing for the cup and we WON the right to be happy and keep our hopes alive! It's not nirvana, but it's a hell of a lot better than losing :)

    I'm watching MY team play on... what are you doing bud? ;)

  • In reply to hawkaloogie:

    @hawkaloogie......obviously it is Nirvana for Luango because he'd rather beat the Blackhawks than win a gold medal for his country...thats some real class there....It doesn't bother me that we lost first round especially since we've been celebrating the cup win all year. I do know we don't have sit around for 3 years like you have and stew about a team. So you won the first round, big deal. Win a cup then you can join the big boy club. You probably don't even play the game and if you do would love to see you on the ice..then again you would probably run away like Bieksa and Torres. hahahahahah

  • In reply to hawk317:

    @hawk:Hi Sweetie, Nice to have you back :) Yeah, I guess it would be Nirvana to win the Gold medal for your country... but, you wouldn't know would you? For that matter, I wouldn't either.... Lou does and he is also allowed to choose his own priorities. I don't think anyone really cares if a player has different priorities than yourself... What I do care is that it bothers you so much to mention it... I'm concerned for you little buddy. If you ever have kids, let them live their dreams instead of living yours... Maybe I'm wrong? Maybe you have nothing else to comment on... are you that desperate that your only left with Lou's pursuit of happiness to talk about? Ok, I'll give this to you.... Lou is classless because he is ecstatic to win a series. hehe Yeah... stupid argument :)

    If this is your argument, than your OBVIOUSLY bothered my friend. Why don't you just leave it and talk about the next year and try and build on it? Why rack your brains over this... Oh yeah.... it doesn't bother you hehe

    I agree, big deal we won the first round... I enjoyed the series. I know we haven't won the cup (yet). But, I'm enjoying the playoffs.... how 'bout you? ;)

    Question for you... your so proud to have won the cup (and you have the right) and like you said, "...we've been celebrating the cup win all year."... so hows it feel now? :) Not so great to be a 1 and done team. Try focusing on the future instead of living in the past... Your probably one of the guys who still look at highschool as the best part of your life.... YOU RULE BUDDY!

    BTW, if you knew anything about Hockey (you obviously never played at any high-skilled level), this is the playoffs and no team wants their regulars exchanging penalties with a guy that plays less than a minute. But, if this is your consolation prize... ENJOY! :)

    Sum it up, here is what you said...

    1) Loungo is classless because his priorities don't mesh with yours.
    2) You thoroughly enjoyed winning the cup and partied for a year, but your not bothered that you have nothing to celebrate anymore and this year was cut short.
    3) Your a big boy
    4) You would love to see me


    1) you are american right? Don't be concerned if others have different thoughts or dreams. In Canada, we have something called "The Canadian Charter Of Rights And Freedoms"... You have the constitution. I know that you want to make some changes to the Bill Of Rights, but I don't think it'll pass. I think the laws protect the rights of hockey players too.

    2) I'm happy for you if you say your content with winning once. But, your not kidding anyone... YOUR OBVIOUSLY PISSED!
    3) I'm also happy that your a big boy now... Imagine how much more you can achieve when your intelligence matches your physical development.
    4) I'm sorry, but I have a gf

    I'm done playing this game... it's nappy time for you. Let me know when you have something with substance :)

  • In reply to hawkaloogie:

    It struck me funny when I thought of this; Had Sharpie's shot connected with twine (or do you look at it as Luongo didn't make the great save?), A.V. may have been fired before he was nominated as a finalist for the Jack Adams. So the coach of the year award could have gone to an unemployed coach.

  • In reply to Canucks:

    Jay, I agree with you. This series was a was a nail bitter till the end. Sure H would have wished the Hawks shut them down, but in the end we know who won. I do not like the attitude of the Vans after a win. We did not rub it in their faces the last 3 years they fell to us, but they have the nerve to stand up and trash talk after it is over and done with? Not good sportsman like conduct. I mean come on, Sedin has the nerve to say the Blackhawks didn't deserve to be there but they shut them out in the 3 games prior to last night to force a game 7, doesn't that show they deserved to be there? I think that does! Van has had it out for Chicago since the first time they got blown out of the playoffs and have been playing dirty and getting away with it since and only last night they finally topped the Hawks and moved on. As much as I hate the Red Wings, I will root for them if it comes down to it, but since I am a Sopel fan I will be rooting for the Thrashers in their game 7 to move forward! The Sedin twins better watch out, I am sure there are a few Hawks players that have their numbers on their gloves and will more then gladly show who really deserves to be in the playoffs! It is not about who deserves to by in the playoffs or not, it is all about who plays better and yes the Vans were a bit better then Chicago was in this series, but again who comes back from a 3-0 deficit and forces that game 7? Van didn't in the previous 3 playoff seasons! Eat it Van fans, you will be a one and done.

    I am looking forward to next season! And now my attention turns to Thrashers and Bulls!

  • In reply to brandiw60:

    @brandiw: I think you might be very 'selective' with your memory of what's taken place over the last couple years. Our team and players have dealt with a lot of BS from your players, coaches, fans and writers over the years! You are an idiot if you think that this is not true... this was relentless on and off the ice (One thing that sticks out is when our players got hurt last year... the taunting by the players as they limped to the bench - sportsman like my a$$). You just don't like losing to a better team.... deal with it cause it looks good on ya! :)

    Regarding your points about what Sedin said.... read my other comments.

    Yes, it shows that your team deserved to be in the playoffs. But, it also showed that your team is not the same as last year and you are not on the same level as the Canucks. (again, many points about this in my other comments).

    FINALLY, please try and refrain from telling us about the future of the Canucks as that is not a magic ball your looking into.... possibly one of Sami's missing testes.

    The only team that is considered "one and done" is the Blackhawks! That's just a fact Brandi! We haven't even won anything yet.... just 1 series. Don't get too far ahead of yourself girl..... but I appreciate the support! :)

  • In reply to Canucks:

    The difference is Toews comment was meant to motivate his team when they were down 0-3. Henrik made his comments after the series was over, when there was no more battling to be done, no more need to rally the troops, it was simply to rub salt in the wounds of a downed opponent.

    Watch the end of the game again.

    The Canucks just won "their Stanley Cup" last night, they won't win The Stanley Cup, hope that city is satisfied with a first (maybe second) round victory because that's all they're getting.

    For contrast, watch how the Nashville predators behaved after their win to advance, the Predators have never won a playoff series, ever. Even taking into consideration the excitement of an overtime goal, it was 1 round guys, no way you're winning another 12 games and getting through the next three.

  • In reply to cdf12345:

    Beating the Chicago Blackhawks and making you fans feel horrible is like winning the Cup!

  • In reply to borg:

    "To be honest, the Canucks don't give a flying *&%$% what Chicago fans think... "

    Wow, nice job contradicting yourself within 3 minutes asshat... No one in Chicago feels bad, quite the contrary. We backed into the playoffs with a beat up and tired roster and almost knocked out the #1 seed after being down 0-3 while starting a handful of rookies in key positions. Would we have liked to win, sure. But most expectations were very low this postseason. All they did was verify the Hawks have a better goalie who is making $9.5 million less per year than your goalie and that next season we will once again have one of the deepest most talented rosters in the entire league when everyone is healthy.

  • In reply to neuman35:

    lol, you seem pretty mad to me!

  • In reply to neuman35:

    @northside: wow! You really feel that this was a accomplishment? In reality, you didn't expose anything... If you don't watch the games and just read the headlines, yes! it looks like the hawks are the deepest, most dominating team in the NHL today. Watch the games and you'll see that all the important calls came your way.... sure the refs missed a bunch calls against the Canucks too. Let's just take it for granted that both teams had a bunch of missed calls, than why the big discrepancy between the number of pp's between them? but, you obviously don't want to consider this.... When the refs allowed the teams to play (instead of dictating the outcome) the Canucks always came out on top. The only thing exposed was that your team does have some good rookies and a top notch goal tender... I concur with that. Next year, your team will not be the same and they are definitely not the deepest hehe. I would assume the gm and coaches are gonna make some changes and add some size/grit to the lineup. Problem is, this cost money and you guys are a little tapped out...

    Don't consider 'players being healthy' to be the main issue.... Hell, we have been through more health issues this year than any other team, last year (we didn't have a top 4 D-man playing-maybe 1), year before...etc. Canucks have dealt with it like every team and one of our most important players isn't in the lineup. I'm sure you would have wanted some key players healthy too, but if we had Manny back.... no question this doesn't go to 7.

    Goal tending issues were there, yes. I also think that Lou had to overcome some major obstacles cause the Hawks were in his head... but, like a true gold medalist, he persevered! He squashed his demons and won the series for us (with a little help). He has no other history with any other teams so I don't think that 'this' is an issue that other teams will be discussing nor Louie will be thinking about. So this negates your theory that our goal tending issues have been exposed...
    If the Olympics started next week, Lou would be our #1 keeper and we might be using Crawford to back him up (not taking anything away from him cause I'm a big fan now).... Hawk fans think some 'issue' has been exposed with our goal tending.... Like I said, maybe some issues with the Hawks, but it ends there. No other team is thinking that they are in Lou's head as well... They all know that he is a solid keeper AND if he has an off day, we got the best back up in the league!

    That my friend, is one of the reasons WE are the deepest teams in the NHL today.

  • In reply to hawkaloogie:

    Wow, your reading comprehension is horrible. As I stated, not many people expected much from the Hawks in the post season as they lost 1/3 of their roster from the previous season, had numerous injuries and have a roster full of guys that have played more minutes than any other team in the last two years because of the playoffs and the Olympics last year.

    You keep trying to make a point about penalty minutes and how the Canucks were some how assessed more then they should have been. But all one has to do is look at how many minor penalties and penalty minutes were given to each team in the regular season to make the conclusion that the style of hockey Vancouver plays hurts them in regards to penalties. The Canucks had the 7th most minor penalties in the league, the Hawks the 2nd fewest. More than likely that trend is not going to change from the regular season to the playoffs... Therefore the conclusion can be made that the Canucks will more than likely have more penalties assessed against them then the Hawks because that

  • In reply to neuman35:

    @Northside: hehe I'm pretty sure that my reading comprehension is fairly good... I think the issue here is your MEMORY.

    If you scroll higher to your first post, you stated several things which I was also addressing:

    1) You talked about Toews statement and how he exposed us, "Uhmm, how was Toews incorrect? They did expose the Nucks, they made them blow a 3-0 lead and came a ass hairs width from losing the series. The Hawks exposed Vancouvers tendency to give up on games (Game 4 and 5)", so I addressed it... or did I misunderstand something?

    2) You also stated something about being in Lou's head, "Hawks exposed...blah blah....the ability to get in Luongos head and drive him from the rink", so I addressed this...unless my comprehension levels are faltering.

    3) You also stated something about penalties, "The difference in penalties assessed was spot on, when looking at how each team accrued them in the regular season", this is my point about the penalties... I completely disagree with your thoughts on this. I haven't checked the stats so I'll just agree with you about the regular season penalty stats. However, this is the playoffs and the refs let the players play a little harder and let the minor ones go (please don't tell me you disagree with this). I don't have a problem with that... wouldn't be the playoffs unless. What I have issues with... and I'll give you just one (and I have many), Torres hits Seabrook and gets a minor (you guys are screaming for blood, a major, and games), I can't remember the players name.... but a hawk comes in with the exact same type of hit on Bieksa (fair enough cause it's considered the legal area), but he also jumps and uses his elbow... this should be a major but he doesn't even get a minor! Call the game even! that's my point... do you really think that the refs were watching the other end of the ice and didn't see this hit?

    REFEREEING IN THE REGULAR SEASON AND POST SEASON ARE DIFFERENT! They don't want to call many minors (unless your a Canuck) as they would prefer to let the players play the game. I just want a fair game... is that so much? I just wanted to get you sorted about your thoughts on regular season stats and playoff stats.

    Now, please show me where I had made an error in judgement on your posts? I actually did expect a lot from the Hawks because you have a good team. Your reasons for not expecting much really sounds like excuses don't you think? I mean... we lost 1/3 of our roster (every team deals with roster change and it is the fault of your mgt for this)... had numerous injuries (We have had the most in the league this year, go look at those stats)... more players playing than any other team for two years (have you ever played a sport before? I could play my a$$ off for a full month or two... If I had the same number of days to rest as the NHL, I would come out for the new season raring to go...especially if I loved the sport. And every team had players in the olympics...most teams had players playing in the playoffs (I know that Vancouver couldn't have supported a full shift with extras). Doesn't it just sound like excuses to you?

    AGAIN, please point me towards any mistakes or errors I've made regarding your posts? C'mon, it was a great series and lets leave it at that! :) I actually didn't come on this site to vent... I came here to congratulate you guys on a great series, but after reading Jay Z's article and some comments, I had to reply!

    I WILL GUARANTEE YOU SOMETHING (and you gotta agree with me on this)... Next year will be FANTASTIC when we meet again in the playoffs! Hold on tight......

  • In reply to hawkaloogie:

    edit: third paragraph from the bottom. I meant to say that Vancouver COULD have supported a full shift with extras in the Olympics... not playoffs.

  • In reply to cdf12345:

    Com'on guys! Cant we all just get along? How about you all just agree to root for the Red Wings moving forward so that you can come together and be friends! (What, too soon?) Haha!

  • In reply to cdf12345:

    So agree and the Preds have class with a great Coach who has class & doesn't whine. remember he said Q was running up the score with his best on the PP? Nucks are goons that only want to hurt other players, then they complain the refs didn't give them the same amount of penalties. Give me a break. They refs and the league should have suspended and thrown out many players for the dirty hits on our Hawks. Nucks were lucky we dismantled our Cup team, but Sharks still have 2 on theirs from the Hawks named Niemi & Eager. Stanley Cup #2 possibly for them but at least their in and still playing.

    Nucks will not win the Cup this year, guarentee it!

  • In reply to luvhawksn88:

    @luvhawksn88: Is this the first year you watched hockey? Last year, we lost because we weren't tough enough.... we didn't have the grinders... and injuries. So, we prepared and came out this year with a focus and goal.... IMPROVE. Your team decided that they would stray and not go along the same lines as before and you chose to keep players who couldn't bang... can't grind... smaller guys. Now that the roles are reversed you think that were the big bad team.... awwww I've already got Jayz on a nipple....but I'm sure I can find another one for you.


  • In reply to hawkaloogie:


  • In reply to luvhawksn88:

    ironic that all you're doing is whining now ;)

  • In reply to borg:


  • In reply to cdf12345:

    Does this make you feel better Chris? I hope so... :)

    But, it does sound childish doesn't it.... "yeah, you can beat me up... but, my daddy can beat your daddy"

    you lost and live with it.... we did and now look at us :) we get to tolerate stupid comments like yours, luvhawks, JayZ... you get the idea.

    Your team played well.... lots to look forward to next year with the young guys and Crawford. Face it, you got beat by a better team. Simple. Done. Over.

  • In reply to Canucks:


    To be honest, the Canucks don't give a flying *&%$% what Chicago fans think... yourself of course being one of them. They're speaking their minds, just like you are speaking yours.

    Your team won last year, now you have a long summer to cheer for the Cubs (yikes).

    Have an awful summer man, I feel for ya.

  • In reply to borg:

    Borg, I thought you were a Hawks fan?

  • In reply to Canucks:

    Canucks win the Cup? Don't worry. They have as much of a chance of doing that as Jim Hendry has of growing a brain! And that goes for Dale Tallon as well!

  • In reply to Canucks:

    Ahhh, how to respond to unfettered garbage? Oh, I know... Enjoy watching the Cubs, I'm sure they'll do great.

  • In reply to darwinain:

    Ooohhh, a Cubs joke... You big meanie How's your baseball, basketball, soccer teams???

    Oh, that's right.

  • In reply to neuman35:

    go Derek Rose! he's da man.

  • In reply to neuman35:

    Ugh, please know that there are Blackhawks fans that know that we've only knocked Vangina out the last 2 seasons and that Atlanta didn't make the playoffs. Our bandwagon is overflowing these days. Hopefully this loss will shed a little bit of it so I can get tickets again. Clearly we were outplayed in game 7. Props on the win, you were the better team. The score could've been 6-0 if it wasn't for Crawford, Campbell and a handful of others. The rest of our D looked like they stayed in Chicago and Keith and Seabrook might as well have been wearing blue and green. Supporting the homeland I guess. However, the Bhawks, Keith and Seabs included, put up one hell of a fight to come back in this series and Sedin needs to humble up a little. Come on dude, all you've done is barely squeak by in the first round (8 v 1 matchup no less). Good luck the rest of the way if you feel like you've won something already.

  • In reply to hawkjackets:

    Toews = ultimate leader, Seabrook = Warrior, Keith = carried the team on his shoulders, Crawford = rookie with brass balls, Soupy = what an awesome nick name... Hawks will be in good hands for years to come. Here's to another meeeting next year. (wow imagine that!)

  • In reply to hawkjackets:

    Hmm. Strange words coming from a guy whose team: 1) got outscored by the Hawks by a wide margin for the series, 2) pulled their goalie three times, 3) had a short-handed goal against them, and 4) took the entire 7-game series to BARELY get by the Hawks. Sedin, why don't you and the rest of your crew STFU and try to be just the tiniest bit graceful in victory. Oh, and keep practicing your diving...no one does it better!

  • In reply to juliepie628:

    Hawks outplayed in Games 1-3. undeniable.
    Hawks outplayed Canucks in Games 4-5. undeniable.
    Hawks outplayed in Games 6-7. (Crawford was amazing)

    Henrik Sedin : "We were the better team for five games. They had no business being in this series. We made it tough on ourselves."

    Sounds pretty accurate to me!

  • In reply to borg:

    How's the reception there in your mother's basement, eh?

  • In reply to juliepie628:

    The Henrik quote isn't even correct.

  • In reply to juliepie628:

    @Julie, @luvhawksn88, @chrisfalco, @brandiw, and the rest of you bandwagoners: The only problem is.... Hawk fans only quoted half of what Toews said. You left out "...expose them for who they really are". This pissed me off as well.... He refuses to give credit to what the Canucks accomplished this year (regular season/individual awards), he refuses to give them credit for the previous years (yes, I think you guys had a better team...but it was far from a cake walk) and he obviously doesn't give our individual players the credit they deserve.
    Yeah, I got it.... he was trying to motivate his team (could have done that in the dressing room), but I think his real motive was trying to get in the heads of the Canucks players...lets face it, he needed an edge and had nothing to lose. Maybe it worked?

    However, it doesn't take away the fact that he said something completely disrespectful.... The beatable part I won't deny (every team is beatable) .... but what is it exactly he's trying to expose? I would guess his insinuation was meant to be insulting and below the standards of a captain.

    I wish all you Hawk fans will stop crying and enjoy the series and the games for what they were! AND what is with your dire need to be patted on the back? To get credit????? I'm sure you were told at a young age...

    To receive credit/respect, you need to show it yourself... Don't expect to get credit for anything less!


    Seriously, I hear kids talking about the same thing after they watch the Godfather.... "respect man..." grow up!

    So big deal, Van just celebrated their victory.... break it down: They just won a series, they just won the 7th and deciding game in OT, they just beat their rivals who knocked them out for two straight years, their running on emotions playing in front of their fans, they still have a chance to win the cup.... so what? They're excited that they won? We don't need any rocket scientists from south of the border to tell us there's another series to play.... I think we might know that :) But, very bright of you to point it out!

    Talk about a Hypocritical whining team.... I have seen many MANY games played in Chi where the team AND the fans have gone nuts (think NBA, MLB, NFL too)...crazy....borderline psycho and the game wasn't even a playoff game or for a cup! but, that's great! Your passionate about your teams as we are.... So does it make you feel good to point it out now, and in a month or so you would probably be doing the same? I guess this makes you feel better? Oh... your above that..... Chi beats Bos in game 7 overtime and the team/fans go nuts??? YEAH RIGHT! Don't try and sound like your above anyone else cause YOU WILL GET CALLED ON IT!

  • In reply to hawkaloogie:

    SORRY, HAWKALOOGIE BOOGIE WHATEVER U ARE..LMAO..NOT A BANDWANGON FAN, IDIOT! maybe u are. do u have a job other than to criticize people? quite sad. we are passionate fans and care for our players and teams. Can't say that for you. I won't waste anymore time on you loser. Go Hawks!

  • In reply to luvhawksn88:

    @luvhawks: hehe Actually, I don't have a job... I'm retired. No, I'm not a old man... just got lucky. I now get my kicks commenting with idiots like you :) Actually, I am a fan of the sport and enjoy commentating with true hockey fans... not with people who have a low intelligence level that can only come up with a response like "..hawkaloogie boogie". This is on par with my 5 year old nephew.

    I think both teams have passionate fans- agreed! What's your point? oh... 'luvhawksn88 suck my ...what?' is this the kind of comments you enjoy?

    I am not criticizing anybody with valid comments... Yes, you can have a valid comment, it's just idiotic things that people write that makes me want to criticize.

  • In reply to luvhawksn88:

    Personally, I don't think AV deserves it.... he did pretty good, but I don't think he could have taken a team like the Preds to this level. Look at what Trotz is doing with his team and look at who he has playing for him...

    The last shot for Sharp... I'm surprised Lou stopped it. I consider luck to be on Lou's side for that play...

  • In reply to hawkjackets:

    Like the comment about getting tickets again, Couldn't agree more.

  • In reply to neuman35:

    we do have an MLS team dude, but I don't think we're missing out on those other sports...

  • In reply to neuman35:

    oh please, anonimity makes us tougher i guess, the nucks deserved to win, obviously, because they did win. now on to better things, nashville sucks, go canucks! hahahaha hope captain whiner taves likes baseball, (ya ya i know toews, but i spelt like i heard it, or else i`d say toes)

  • In reply to neuman35:

    Quit your crying....The NHL backdoor-ed the Hawks into the playoffs. God forbid the defending champs not make the playoffs, when Hossa soccer kicked that goal in against the lowly Blues and it was allowed, everyone knows the fix was in...............

  • In reply to neuman35:

    If you're gonna construct a whole whine around a quote then it behooves you to get the quote correct. If you had bothered to research at all, you would've found that the quote you attributed to Henrik Sedin was incomplete and completely out of context. What Henrik actually said was, "for 5 games we were playing awesome...we made it tough on ourselves...because we played two really shitty games...that's our fault...we took the foot off the gas...that's when they hurt us. it was a really strong effort for us to get back...to get the momentum back...last game and tonight...they had no business tying up the game." Taken as it actually was, he wasn't dissing the Hawks but pointing out that the Canucks let the Hawks back in....easily.

  • In reply to Canucks:

    Spoken like a true Canucklehead. Do you really believe the Canucks will win the Cup? baskin your one series glory.

  • I'm not one for assisted suicide, but in the case of the Sedin twins, I think I'll make an exception. I mean twins are already creepy. Identical twins, even more so. But GINGER idential twins? That's just straight wrong!

  • In reply to drewkent23:

    That is awesome & they ginger twins are freakin creepy with the bromance they share of being on the same team and can't play without each other. Beyond weird. lol

  • Scoreboard.

  • They're mentally soft.

    How can the Canucks win?

    As a long time hockey observer, I have no faith in ANY Canuck to man up, take charge, and carry their team to victory. Their best players lack character. Their lesser players can't do it without their stars, and their goalie isn't good enough when it counts.

    Do these quotes sound familiar? Its ok to bash a team when they are down but when they win and MAN UP suddenly they are a bunch of losers. For being a self professed hockey nut you are just like every other band wagon jumper. Is that why your website is just a blank link?

    Try to be unbiased and enjoy the hockey for what it was. Emotional, fun, exciting and yes trash talking both ways. Do you still believe your April 19th comment? Let me remind you .... If / when the Canucks win the Cup, enjoy the trash talk privledges that come with it.

    Or are you going to whine that they are a bunch of bad winners?

    Go Canucks !!!!!

  • In reply to fairhockeynow:

    well said - they just can't admit that the better team won this year. I admitted that the better team won last year when they beat us.

    But in Canada we KNOW how to play hockey (check your roster for birth certificates) and we know how to be classy when we win and when we lose. We needed your "boys" to come home and play for team that really mattered - Team Canada - and we love Toews, Keith and our own home boy Seabrook for bringing the gold home. See that wasn't so hard was it?

  • In reply to hockeyfan1:

    Who gives a crap where they were born? Patrick Kane won the Cup for the Hawks last year, he's from Buffalo. So what? The Cup still came to Chicago.

  • In reply to JimmyGreenfield:

    Kane beats up cab drivers too... USA!

  • In reply to borg:

    Only Canadian ones

  • In reply to JimmyGreenfield:

    hahaha, he did it in Buffalo

  • In reply to borg:

    Leave Kane alone & you guys are aholes! at least our players don't say that this win was better than winning the gold medal for Canada. What an idiot Lulu thing to say. He has no brain cuz he's a nucklehead..buhaha..Let's go Preds!

  • In reply to luvhawksn88:

    lol, you defend kane like your his little bitch

  • In reply to borg:

    @Jayz: Your article is a joke bro.... the worst thing is that your a hypocrite!

    Why the hell does Sedin have to give credit to anyone? for that matter, respect?... you think you really deserve it?
    First off, he's only human. I don't think that you would be dolling out respect to anyone or any team that refers to you as a 'sister', I don't think you would be offering anyone anything if you had just weathered 3 years of torment and taunting on the ice (examples are definitely not necessary), you wouldn't be doing neither if you just went through 4 games against a team that was issued a license to slash, punch, stick...anything but use a firearm. I think you would be pissed and probably wouldn't have anything close to praise about your opponent.

    Having said this, I think your taking all his comments too seriously Dude. Having watched him since he and his brother have played for us, these guys are straight up.... their good guys and do a lot for their family, team and their community (they are HUGE contributors to the children't hospital). I have yet to hear them say or do something that was out of character. You need to relax, I understood it to mean that the team didn't finish you guys when they had the chance and shouldn't have let up for two games, coupled with the horrible refereeing that limited the nucks from playing their game.

    These guys just went though a lot and was still going through it during the interview. It's tough to think clearly with all that adrenalin, YET ALONE IN HIS SECOND LANGUAGE... don't take everything so SERIOUSLY!

    Bieksa is no different. He just went through a hell of a series and played hard.... I should point out that he was a victim to one, of plenty, of the hawks illegal hits that was never called. Exact same hit as Seabrooks, did you see us crying and whining about it? This was much worse and he even jumped before the hit.... That's fine, you guys get free reign on the ice... we don't waste time crying about it and we played through with focus. Next time, talk to your GM to get involved instead of his players and coaches being distracted from their jobs. What would you think if Duncan was to get into fights during the playoffs with a guy who barely plays a full minute? Yeah, not very bright....

    If you had vancouver fans as opposed to Chicago fans, we would be talking about how good we really are. We'd be talking about what little tweaks need to be done to get to the next level, what guys we need to keep regardless of their asking price, we would talk about our young guys and the potential talent there.... predominantly, I think we could spend a couple months on how good our keeper really is.

    We wouldn't be asking for a pat on the back... Ok, fine! Good job... you played well :) feel better? Who's the real Man-gina? YOU P_$$Y... we never WANTED or NEEDED to be consoled. Here take a nipple...

    Go write about something with substance... this is beneath you and the rest of Chicago! Talk about crying... If you need to find something to write about, just scroll up... I gave you a few goodies.

    AND look what you started.... most of the Chi-fans (NOT ALL- as I can respect people who have backed up their claims or are real Hawk supporters) are bandwagoners and their just SHEEP, following the herd. They just read your article without having any knowledge of the game and you get them all pissed at 'US'???? I know your trying to get your fans motivated, but C'mon, this was a great series.... I love the rivalry between our clubs! I love the games! I can't wait to see you guys next year in a series! Leave it at that....

    Instead, you have everyone crying "BAAA BAAA" You guys WERE a better team for two years and we don't have any qualms with that.... that's what made us get better this year cause we WANT the cup! Yes, for all you 'bright' guys, we know we haven't won yet and it's only the first series.... But, WERE STILL IN IT! so try and refrain from any typical responses I've seen above. Like the "Hawks 4 ...."

  • In reply to JimmyGreenfield:

    ...cause he's classy like that. Little Man Syndrome, at its finest!

  • In reply to JimmyGreenfield:

    Seabrook, Toews and Keith CARE about where they were born. The Gold Medal came to Canada.

  • In reply to hockeyfan1:

    And during the next olympics... Your best player, might be our 'second' option in net! Ouch

    Actually, I don't care too much about where the players come from... I'm sure no one cares as long as they're playing well.

    But, Luvhawksn88, c'mon... the guy got drunk and beat up a cab driver! You think the cabbie wasn't already down and out driving a bunch of spoiled drunks all around town to support his family... and than he has to deal with this guy over change? Yeah... that's remotely close to what Lu said or did. Lu just bested all the doubters he had to deal with for 3 straight years... that's pressure! Olympics is too and I'm sure if the timing were reversed, he would be saying that the gold medal was the best win in his life. It's a matter of emotion, timing, heart, etc... and what does it matter? I remember talking about winning a stanley cup when I was young...not a gold medal? I think he is allowed to have his own priorities too.

    Much better than the 'ACTIONS' of some of Chi players wouldn't you say? how does that saying go? Actions speak louder than words?

  • I've been reading your blog for a while now and for you to say that you wanted to like the Canucks is plain crap. You were just looking for something to distract from the loss. Why not dig up some quotes from Toews, Bolland (possibly the dirtiest player on either team) or Bickle? To say we don't have character was probably the funniest and most ironic dribble you printed this week. I guess sucker punching a cab driver over 20 cents shows more character than donating 1.5 million to the local Children's Hospital in your mind? We might not win the Stanley Cup but we a much classier act than you guys in Chicago. Your guys would have been all over us for choking if we'd lost and you can't just bear to say 'well done' when we win. Maybe you're the ones choking on your "sour grapes"?

  • In reply to hockeyfan1:

    "You were just looking for something to distract from the loss."

    Hmmm... kind of like your GM whining about the refs from game 6, eh? Which just cost your team a lot of money, btw.

    It's Bickell, btw, not Bickle. He's Canadian, in case you wanted to check his birth certificate.

  • In reply to Melime:

    I wanna check your bum for worms

  • In reply to Melime:

    @HockeyBroad thanks for clearing up what i wanted to say too. Have any of the Nuck fans seen that most of the Hawks roster are Canadians? Maybe they can't read as they couldn't spell Big Bicks' name?..lol..I read that most of the refs for the playoffs are Canadians too, but we aren't griping about any of that. They are all very poor losers and winners in Van. They should teach their team some class.

  • In reply to luvhawksn88:

    hahaha, so bitter kane fan...so bitter

  • In reply to luvhawksn88:

    I, for one, always knew how to spell Bickell. It rhymes with Dickell.

  • In reply to Melime:

    ...and what about Scotty Bowman whining about the refs THROUGHOUT the series??? Oh, that's right. What's good for one isn't good for the other. Got it.

  • In reply to hockeyfan1:

    Dribble is something you should wipe off your chin! lol DRIVEL was the word you were looking for? I am a 47 year Hawk fan, who lived in Vancouver for 35 years. Kane is a punk! These so-called athletes abuse their bodies worse than an average man. I was a big Mikita, and Savard fan. Both of them smoked cigarettes. Is it any wonder the Hawks had a 50 year drought? Donating $$$ to "hospitals" so they can irradiate and kill children??? Good stuff!!!

  • In reply to hockeyfan1:

    The Hawks were much more gracious winners in 2009, 2010, and games 4, 5, and 6 this year. H. Sedin is classless enough for your whole team.

  • In reply to korz:

    P.S. Go look up how many millions of dollars Blackhawk Brian Campbell has raised for charity. Probably more than the whole Canucks team put together.

  • In reply to hockeyfan1:

    Hockeyfan1, I agree with you completely!! :-) But sadly, there are probably people here that think sucker-punching a cab driver over 20 cents does show more character than what the Sedins did, which was donate $1.5 million dollars to BC Children's Hospital. But those in Vancouver know what kind of class acts the Sedins are, and if it makes some small-minded Chicagoans feel better to argue the point, let them. It just shows more about them than it does the Sedins.

    I think the Nucks/Hawks series was amazing and I think players on both sides will admit it. The funny part it, we fans seem more emotionally invested than the players. Toews, Seabrook and the CANADIANS on the Hawks team ARE proud of being BC boys, and they would be insulted to have anyone suggest otherwise. It's the same with Ryan Kesler, a proud American (as it should be) who happens to play for the Canucks.

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