Someone wake up Stan Bowman...panic time is now

Lifeless, listless, sackless.  These are common themes of the Blachawks 2010-11 season.  Last night's game in Calgary, which was as close to a "must win" as you can get, was another example of the Hawks infection of suckitude. 

Something needs to change.  It's become clear that the Blackhawks, as currently constructed, aren't a playoff team, let alone a contender.  While no one can blame Stan Bowman for the moves he made in the offseason, he can be blamed for sitting on his hands up to this point.   The Hawks are cap strapped, so making a move is easier said than done, but we were promised that Bowman was the cap genius, and can work magic.  Well, the crickets are chirping.  Any time you're ready Stan.



Help us Brent Sopel, you're our only hope

Rumors are the Blackhawks are scouting the Atlanta Thrashers.   Maybe it's the time Hawks give up on Jack Skille and get Brent Sopel back.'s come to that?  Brent Sopel is the savior?  If that's the case, the Hawks are in more trouble than we thought.   Sure, it get's Nick Boynton off the ice, but is that enough?  Is Brent freaking Sopel going to reignite his listless ex-teammates?  Doubtful. 

It's time for the cap magic man to work some magic and make something happen...and soon.  I don't want to know WHERE the Hawks will be in the standings if he holds out until the February 28th trade deadline. 


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