Coaching the difference in Hawks, Canucks rivalry

Let's face it, the Hawks have dominated the Vancouver Canucks like no other opponent.  In addition to two consecutive Western Conference Semi-Final series wins, the Hawks have taken it to the Canucks in the regular season, often in embarrassing fashion. 

Roberto Luongo has been pulled repeatedly, and he's broken his stick in anger.  Ryan Kesler has lost his cool, especially with Andrew Ladd last season.  Alexandre Burroughs has stooped to pulling the hair of Duncan Keith.  All in all, they're a bunch of spoiled babies, and have acted like it.


Mikael Samuelsson cheap shots Niklas Hjalmarsson in another loss to the Blackhawks (photo courtesy of Vancouver Sun)


I've had the opportunity over the last year or so to interview Troy Brouwer , Dave Bolland, Andrew Ladd and Adam Burish at the Score's Bud Light Hockey Night Chalk Talk events.  Every time, a fan asks who the player's think of as their main rival.  The answer is ALWAYS the Canucks. Whenever the Canucks are mentioned, a smile comes across their faces.   To a man, there is no team the Blackhawks love to hate more. 

So what is the biggest difference between the Blackhawks and Canucks?  Why do the Hawks seem to have their number?

The answer is coaching. 

Look no further than Alain Vigneault's reaction to the Canucks 7-1 loss to the Blackhawks.  Instead of blaming his players, who Bolland said played like they were uninterested and bored, he criticized Joel Quenneville and the Hawks for running up the score on a late 5 on 3 power play. 

While that may not seem like a huge deal, it amplifies the Canuck's core problem...accountability. 

The night before that game, the Hawks lost 7-2 to the Calgary Flames.  At no point did Quenneville question the morals of the Flames.  He knew, and his players knew, it was 100% on them, just as the Canuck's losses to the Hawks are on the Canuck players.

The Canucks are a group of spoiled, egotistical, entitled players.  You can blame Luongo for not showing up, you can blame the Sedin twins for being soft, but until Vancouver hires a coach that will hold his players accountable, they will never get over the matter what the national pundits tell you. 


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  • Actually the Canucks are quite classy even though I am a Oilers fan.

    Gotta learn to spell Burrows though (its not Burroughs) before you can comment on hockey.

  • what Vigneault questioned was Quenneville running up the score and putting his top powerplay unit out when the game was out of reach, it's a classless move. when Vancouver played Calgary and a similar situation presented itself itself Vigneault rewarded his 3rd and 4th liners by giving them powerplay time instead of throwing out the top powerplay and running up the score. when Quenneville tries to embarass his opponents he shouldn't be surprised if they react violently and if his top players are on the ice at that point then they're the ones who'll pay.

  • I'm not sure if the writer of this article regularly follows hockey. You'd think not, "Burrows" is really not all that difficult to spell. He's a 35 Goal Scorer. Sure he's no "Jonathen Taves", but he's still a heck of a hockey player. You may be right, Quenneville did outcoach Vigneault in the last 2 playoffs - his teams won. But I'm assuming someone else told you that and you created an article as if it were your own thought. Keep up the good work. Go Kubs!!!

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