Morin's demotion good news for Blackhawk fans

Jeremy Morin.  It was a name you hadn't heard before this month, and before the Blackhawk's preseason began.  By now, to almost anyone who knows or cares about Blackhawk hockey, he's become a household name.

Of all of the prospects battling for roster spots, Morin stood out the most.  He was the most consistent, highest scoring, and most electrifying prospect by a long shot. 

Yesterday, he was sent down.  While Morin clearly earned a roster spot with his performance, his cap hit was simply too costly for the Blackhawks, who needed Nick Leddy on the roster to replace the injured Brian Campbell.


Jeremy Morin has risen to the top of the Hawks prospect list in one short preseason



So why should we feel good about him being sent down?

Let me take you back.  When camp was beginning, I wrote the "Prospects to Watch" blog.  I highlighted the forwards who were expected to battle for roster spots.  Jake Dowell (in), Jack Skille (in), Kyle Beach (out), Viktor Stalberg (in), Fernando Pisani (in), Ryan Potulny (out), Igor Makarov (out).  Wait...someone is missing. "press time, Morin was such a long shot that I chose to leave him out. 

A guy who thought of as a throw in to the Byfuglien / Sopel / Eager trade has become the Hawks top prospect and top option for a call up.

Dynasties are built with organizational depth.  Teams like the Red Wings don't rebuild...they reload.  As Steve Yzerman and Sergei Fedorov are fading, Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg are developing.   The Hawks are in the same position.    

Makarov, Beach, and Morin are NHL players, who would play for lesser NHL teams.  Given the proper time to develop, they will be able to jump to the NHL and contribute immediately. 

THAT is how dynasties are born. 


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  • Morin was most assuredly not a throw-in in the Atlanta trade. In fact, there's little chance the Blackhawks make the trade without him. Rick Dudley has said Bowman insisted on Morin in the package and that Dudley begrudgingly relented and included him.

    In terms of pure talent, Morin was the top player involved in the deal.

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