Traitor Chelios undeserving of Heritage Night

Since Rocky Wirtz took over as Chairman of the Chicago Blackhawks, bad decisions have been rare.  From bringing back Pat Foley, hiring John McDonough, televising home games, launching the Blackhawks convention, and honoring former Hawks greats with heritage nights, the Hawks have been right on with their decisions. 

Well, tonight, I think the Hawks have finally dropped the ball. 

Just under and hour ago, I received the official press release.  "Blackhawks to Host Chris Chelios Heritage Night December 17th."

In the words of Samir Nagheenanajar from Office Space, "This is horrible...this idea."

I get why the Hawks would think it's a good idea to honor this douche guy.  He was the best defenseman to ever play for the Hawks.  He was arguably the best American born player of all time.  He is a 3 time Norris Trophy winner, and a 3 time Stanley Cup champion. 

So why not honor Chelios?  Well, plain and simple, he's a Red Wing, and a

Despite telling Mike North he'd never play a game for the Red Wings, in
March of 1999 he accepted a trade to the Hawks' biggest rival.  He ended
up playing 10 seasons with the Red Wings (he played 9 with the

If that wasn't enough of a slap, he rubbed his
awards and "Red Wing-ness" in the faces of Hawk fans all over Chicago. 
He'd bring his Red Wings Cups to Wrigley Field, US Cellular Field, and all over town.  He relished shoving the Cup in our faces. 

When the Hawks honored their 75th Anniversary Team,
Chelios refused to put on, or even hold up his Hawks sweater for a
group photo, forever sullying the pic with the putrid Winged Wheel.

In 1998, he was the Captain of the USA Men's Hockey Team at the Nagano
Olympics Games.  Not only did the team fail to even medal, they trashed
their hotel
room in a drunken rage.

How about his crappy chili?

Oh, and don't forget his DUI in Westmont last year.  Classy

This is the
first mistake the Hawks have made.  He broke the hearts of the fans from his home town, and seemed to take enjoyment in it.  If he doesn't want to be remembered as a Hawk, why should we give him that chance?  I for one, will not be part of December 17th festivities.  If someone wants to honor Chelios, maybe name a burning garbage can in downtown Detroit after him.  That would be fitting for a guy like Chelios. 

If true Hawk fans make enough
noise, maybe the Hawks will "postpone" the night...maybe indefinitely...hopefully forever.


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  • Bravo Jay. Very well stated.

  • Not well stated. Chelios was run out by Bob Murray, Hawks GM at the time. Murray did not want to sign Chelios because he was too old in Murray's view. So was Chelios supposed to retire and bartend at the Chili Bar or try to keep playing hockey? Detroit gave him the opportunity to play. Younger or newer fans will agree with you but it is just because they do not know the history. The prior Hawks management made a mistake.

  • And the DUI comment was a cheap shot. A judge threw out the case against Chelios. The video corroborated innocence, not guilt. You had a Westmont cop trying to get famous because he pulled over Chelios. They cop was a jerk, case thrown out. Just another example of you not knowing the facts.

  • What an utterly stupid and petulant article! Earth to Jay Za-Whack Job: the Blackhawks traded Chelios! If he had not okayed to trade, he'd have not done what the Hawks wanted him to do. That he went on to greater glory and several championships with Detroit should be a credit to him, not a debit. Anybody traded from a team (thus, unwanted) wants to show them they made a mistake. That's why Chelios let people know he was doing better in Detroit.
    The goofy writer even admits Chelios was the greatest defenseman to ever play for Chicago. But he later calls him a "traitor"--I don't think he knows the meaning of the word. A traitor would be like a Blackhawk, still with the team, calling someone in the Detroit organization and revealing plays and strategies that the team plans to use against the Red Wings. It does not mean A PERSON TRADED TO ANOTHER TEAM WHO THEN GIVES HIS ALL FOR THAT NEW TEAM! Chelios did exactly what he was supposed to do--his job!
    Oh, and he didn't break the hearts of Blackhawk fans. The Blackhawks did that to the fans by trading one of their best players.
    Get it, Za-Whacky? The Blackhawks traded him.

  • He was the best defenseman to ever play for the Hawks.

    Pierre Pilote, Doug Wilson, and Duncan Keith would like to have some speaks with you.

  • In reply to Geckzilla:

    Not to mention Whitey Stapleton and Keith Magnuson.

  • In reply to Geckzilla:

    If Chelios is so "plugged in" to his home town, he should know that Hawk fans hate the Red Wings, and would never celebrate their Cup, no matter who brought it home.
    If Donovan McNabb was the Packers QB, would you want him flaunting a Packers Lombardi trophy all over town?

  • In reply to JayZawaski: is not my is the athlete in questions choice....So you deny ANY Chicago born athlete the chance of celebrating in his home town, just because he isn't playing for a Chicago team....that is retarded...

    And to answer your question....Yes. I wouldn't go and celebrate it with him, but he does have the RIGHT to bring his championship home.

  • In reply to Geckzilla:

    I must have missed where football players now take the Lombardi trophy back to their hometowns. How dare Toews bring it back to Winnepeg and shove it in their fans faces that they lost their franchise. Or Brouwer, Fraser and Ladd - shove it in Vancouver's faces that they've never won the Cup.

    Did Chelios get a DUI....or in a public court, he was found not guilty? Better watch yourself Jay, before you become a Mariotti and cast stones if your own life is in perfect order.

  • In reply to Geckzilla:

    oh relax. my exciting life of changing diapers and going to bed at 10:00 is going to get me in a lot of trouble.

    i don't like chelios. i never denied that. it's an opinion piece, and i'm giving it. denying that he's innocent because he wasn't convicted is naive. not saying he's the only guy to drive drunk, but every one who's ever done it was dead wrong to do so.

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    love how people consider everything a "Mariotti" opinion if you have an opinion that they don't agree with.

    Jay should copyright that!

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    Well, when the media can play such a high morality card when it comes to athletes - and don't hold themselves or their peers to the same standards, it seems a bit hypocritical.

  • In reply to pmxc12873:

    who am i not holding to the same moral standards?

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    So, Jay, I can see you aren't going to answer my questions regarding the gaping holes in your arguments, and the inconsistencies between what other athletes and just plain employees of any organization would do if traded or fired, etc., and what you're suggesting Chelios should have done.

    Checkmate. Next topic.

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    I agree with the dissenters- Chelios was run out of town like Roenick was. The previous Wirtz organization specialized in that butchery. When one door closes another one opens and that is why Chelios ended up in Detroit. He is a Chicago sucess story and deserves his Night. And the DUI is a cheap shot.

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    Cheli is employed by our most rival team. That's why people have a problem. He's still a redwing. Why on earth would you honor a player employed by your historical rival with a heritage night? Only for a McSplash.

  • In reply to pmxc12873:

    Well said Mr. Zawaski. Chris Chelios is a greasy slimeball who deserves nothing more than a giant middle-finger from the fans he turned his back on; and that's what I hope he gets December 17th.

  • In reply to pmxc12873:

    Jay - you've never EVER got behind the wheel of a car after a few drinks? Savard has a has Quenville. How classy is that?

    Did you write a Mariotti wife beating story which is 1000x worse than getting pulled over, which is all it was for Chris?

  • In reply to pmxc12873:

    Bobby Hull was a drunken wife beater....yet gets revered ever time his face is shown....

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    Jay, sure it's an opinion piece, but a strong opinion piece is based on sound argument, and you haven't exhibited this.
    First of all, the drunk driving is something you're adding as an "oh yeah, well he also did such and such." It has nothing to do with your argument itself, that being that Chelios is a lousy guy and a traitor to Chicago, the fans, the organization. True, to drive drunk is dumb, but that doesn't make him a lousy guy and traitor to Chicago.
    Second, your argument that he's a traitor doesn't make sense. He was traded. He didn't leave of his own accord. When he got to Detroit, he proved the Hawks wrong in their assessment that he was too old. He won several championships. He did what he was supposed to do. Good for him. What would you do if the radio station fired you? Would you retire from your career just to remain loyal to the station that just fired you rather than getting hired on at a competing station? Because that, it seems to me, is what you're suggesting Chelios should have done.
    Instead, he decided to continue on in his hockey career, and it's a good thing for his family, and for hockey in general, that he actually did.

  • guys, accepting the trade was just part of it. that's fine. whatever. good luck. but that on top of his blatant flaunting of all things Red Wing that pissed me off. he loved being the villian, and shoving his cup and everything else in hawks fans faces. he's a bad guy. sorry. i still think he's the best hawks defenseman ever (as of now). i've never seen pilote play, so i can't speak about him. he's better than wilson. keith..time will tell. i hope keith ends up way better. he's on the right pace at least.

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    Jay All I have to say is that you were WAY outta line re: bringing the Cup to Chi-town....IT'S HIS FREAKIN HOMETOWN!!!
    Don't most(if not all) players do the exact same thing???

    So because Wirtz screwed up so badly that we haven't had a cup since '61, he's not allowed to bring it home?? That is your Cheli-hate talking, not reality.

    The thing that pisses me off the most is his wearing that hideous sweater in the 75th anniversary thing....I still feel like puking to this day on that one.

    Keep up the good work Jay(just take off the hate glasses for all things Cheli)....see ya @the300level

  • oh...and how is posting a DUI video a cheap shot? are there certain levels of DUI? If anything, the cop was being too soft on him. He wasn't a hard ass. He wasn't being a jerk and bombastic. He was doing his job. Chelios is the one who was being disrespectful. "Are we really doing this guys?" Well, let's see Chris...uh yeah...we are, since you're DRIVING DRUNK. I don't care who you are. I love how he gets a break and the COP was the one in the wrong. Ridiculous.

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    "I love how he gets a break and the COP was the one in the wrong. Ridiculous." I love how you convict someone of a crime despite no actual evidence he was guilty of it. Ridiculous. And before you even bother to get on your self-righteous high horse, do your own roadside sobriety tests when you're sober and watch how badly you fail them. If those tests were actually worth anything, they'd be sufficient enough evidence on their own to get convictions, but they aren't because most people can't perform them sober.

    This blog is nothing more than a bunch of sour-grapes and whining. The Blackhawks absolutely should honor Chelios, and this is another well though and classy move by Rocky Wirtz.

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