Remember When, Hawk fans?

I never thought I'd be at such a loss for words in my life.  You'd think for a lifelong Blackhawk fan, writing a blog after they win the Stanley Cup would be easy.  It's not. 

As I found myself thinking about what to write, and what to say, my mind kept scanning the last decade plus of being a Hawks fan. 

Do I write about how far we've come?  Do I write about how bad it was?  Do I wax poetic about "what it means to me?" 

Last night, at 2am when I was rocking my baby to sleep, I started writing down moments, good and bad, on the back of an envelope.

I think maybe sharing those notes might be the best thing to do, so here it goes, in the exact order I wrote it.

- Remember Jeremy Roenick's last game as a Hawk?  The Avalanche had just eliminated the Hawks in the 1995-96 playoffs, and although Bill Wirtz said JR would be a "Hawk for life", fans just knew he wouldn't be back.  He took the ice alone to pay his respects to the UC crowd.

- Remember Alpo Suhonen?

- Remember when Jonathan Toews scored on his first NHL shot vs the San Jose Sharks?  Mario Lemieux did that too.

- Remember Pure Platinum?

- Remember Brian Sutter putting Tyler Arnason in a choke hold on a road trip in Nashville?

- Remember when the A-B-C line was the reason to believe for the Hawks?  All 3, Tyler Arnason, Mark Bell, and Kyle Calder, are out of the league now.

- Remember Mike Smith?  For all of his mistakes, he drafted Duncan Keith, Adam Burish, Brent Seabrook, and Dustin Byfuglien.  He also drafted James Wisniewski, Tuomo Ruutu (who became Andrew Ladd), and Craig Anderson, who almost single handedly got the Avalanche into the playoffs.

- Remember when Steve Sullivan was the best player on the Blackhawks?

- Remember when Chris Chelios accepted a trade to the Red Wings, when he swore he'd never play there?  Screw him.

-  Remember when Chelios strutted the Red Wings' Cups all over town?  Screw him.

-  Remember when Rocky Wirtz took over?  All we hoped for was home games on TV. 

-  Remember Bob Pulford?

-  Remember when the Hawks signed Chris Gratton,  but it didn't go through because of a "smudged fax?"

-  Remember this

-  Remember when Steve Poapst was the Hawks' most reliable defenseman?

-  Remember when the Blackhawks selected Patrick Kane instead of Kyle Turris?

-  Remember when the Blues and Penguins passed on Jonathan Toews?

-  Remember when Kim Johnsson was alive?

-  Remember Marian Hossa's Hawks debut, or "Hossa day?"

-  Remember when Toews passed the Cup to Hossa?

-  Remember when Pat Foley was let go, and Dan Freakin' Kelly was brought in?

-  Remember when Pat Foley ripped Alexander Karpovtsev

-  Remember the God forsaken "Town Hall Meeting"?  Mike North emceed an event at the United Center where fans could ask questions of Alpo Suhonen, Mike Smith, and Peter Wirtz?  I think Alpo slept through most of it.

-  Remember when Tuomo Ruutu was the "next Forsberg?"

-  Remember when Jonathan Toews was the best player for Team Canada's All Star roster in the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games?

-  Remember how Dan Carcillo was going to be the Flyer who single handedly beat the Hawks?  Ha!

-  Remember how the Hawks couldn't win a thing with these goalies?

-  Remember Patrick Kane's hat trick vs the Canucks last year?

-  Remember how few things satisfy like watching Roberto Luongo cry?

-  Remember the outrage when Marty Havlat wasn't signed?

-  Remember the outrage when Denis Savard was fired?

-  Remember how excited you were about Theo Fleury and Doug Gilmour?

-  Remember when Bill Wirtz gave Red Wings tour groups "first dibs" at tickets?

-  Remember when games vs the Red Wings were 60% Red Wings fans?

-  Remember the 1992 Stanley Cup Finals?  Mario Lemieux is good. 

-  Remember when Dustin Byfuglien crushed Chris Pronger?

-  Remember when seeing Scotty Bowman lift the Cup didn't make you sick?

-  Remember Jeremy Roenick's tears watching the Blackhawks lift the Cup?

-  Remember the worst overtime game winning goal in Stanley Cup history?

-  ...and remember when it didn't matter to you?

-  Remember when the "One Goal" was reached





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  • Do I ever, here are a few more for you:

    Remember when Pulford said Ed Belfour was washed up in 1997?

    Remember when we traded Belfour for Chris Terreri and Ulf Dahlen?

    Remember when we traded Chelios for Anders Erikson?

    Remember when Tony Amonte was our only good player?

    Remember watching Larmer, Noonan, Edso, Troy Murray, Chelios, and Ed Belfour win the Cup with out us?
    Remember every 3 or 4 years when JR would become a free agent and hoping against hope they'd bring him back?

  • This is great. I struggled to write my post-cup blog too, Jay. Took me like 5 hours.

    Anyways, here's a few more that I couldn't help but say...

    -Remember December 26th, 2008 vs. Philly when the Hawks won their 8th straight in front of the craziest regular season crowd ever?

    -Remember when Duncan Keith was just really fast and not much else?

    -Remember December of 2007 when crowds grew from 10, 13, 20,000 and SRO in the span of a week? I'll never forget BlackhawksManager on the official forum starting a sticky thread saying "Sunday night's game: SRO"

    -Remember when the Hawks randomly made the playoffs in 2002?

    -Remember when being a Blackhawks fan was embarrassing?

    -Remember going to local bars to watch home games?

  • Remember when they gave away Hall of Famer Dominic Hasek for St

  • Remember when the Hawks only had as many Cups in the history of their (Original Six)franchise as the Red Wings had won in just 11 years?

  • Remember when the Red Wings used to be relevant?

  • In reply to ThatGuy:

    Remember when Hawk fans became everything they said they hated in Red Wings fans?

  • In reply to matto:

    Violent, unemployed, drug-addicted "fans" of a dying team, "fans" who can't sell out their own building during the playoffs, denizens of the only city in America where you call 911 and get a busy signal? No, I don't think anyone remembers that.

  • In reply to ThatGuy:

    You know, Anaheim fans thought a lot about themselves and their team when they won in 2006 too...

    It will still take Chicago another 16 years to EVERY claim a better run or more successful franchise than the Wings have had. I

  • In reply to matto:

    Is that another sure fire OneTeam prediction? Because the others have all been so dead-on.

  • In reply to borg:

    I was 2 for 60-ish for sure. Thats what happens when teams like yours get lucky. It was a flash in the pan.

    But I was right about Hossa: Same amount of points that he had the year before- 15pts. I know you guys consider that good output and are in love with his play but I guess the Red Wings just have higher standards and expect more.

  • In reply to matto:

    "It will still take Chicago another 16 years to EVERY claim a better run or more successful franchise than the Wings have had."

    How does one "EVERY" claim something?

  • In reply to ThatGuy:

    Oops. I meant EVER.

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