Shark Tank could be home away from home for Hawks

Call it overconfidence, but would I be a fool to say the hardest part is over for the Hawks?  After beating a pesky, physical Nashville team, and a high scoring, Roberto Luongo led Vancouver team, both in six game, the Hawks are returning to the Western Conference Finals for the second consecutive year.

Last season, the Blackhawks met a better, more experienced Red Wings team in the West Finals.  Couple that with the Hawks' fear of the winged wheel, and the Hawks didn't stand much of a chance. 


Brent Seabrook celebrates as Joe Thornton sulks

This year, they are facing the San Jose Sharks.  A team they've pretty much owned all season long.  Yes, regular season results mean very little in the playoffs, but the Hawks match up so well with the Sharks, that this series might be easier than many expect. 

Consider this...the Blackhawks are 5-1 on the road in this years playoffs, and have looked like dog crap on United Center ice, especially early in the round.  Many of the Hawks have blamed this phenomenon on trying to put on a show, and be too cute on home ice.   

Starting this series in San Jose is the best news the Hawks can ask for.  All of the pressure falls on the Sharks in this scenario.  The Hawks can relax and play their game.  When they do that, there is no better team in hockey.  Coming home with at least a series split puts the Hawks in great position.   

To be completely honest, my "overconfidence" is concerning me, but I really can't see the Hawks losing this series.  I can't believe I'm publishing this, but I'm going go out on a limb and say Hawks in 5. 



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  • Jay, respectfully, you're out of your mind. The Sharks are the 1st team the Hawks will play in these playoffs who's talent level is even in their ballpark. If the Hawks show up every game in full force, the games should be very evenly played. I still think the Hawks are better but by an eyelash.

    Maybe you can call that underconfident. Or realistic.

  • Nabakov's the key to me. If he's great, the Sharks may very well win. If he's no better than decent, I like the Hawks chances a lot.

  • Jerry. The Sharks have a very good first line and a second line that can be hit or miss , but after that , the Sharks can not match the depth of the Hawks. Nabokov has never made it to the finals. Hawks will not lose this series , it will be over in 6.
    Last year in spite of losing to the Wings in 5 games , 2 of them games went into overtime in Detroit. San Jose is nowhere near the team Detroit was last year and the Hawks are a better team than they wee last year. The Sharks have some size but they do not use it in a physical way. Sharks skate well but they are not the skating team the Hawks are and the proof was in the 7-2 win in San Jose this year , the Hawks took a 3-0 lead on 3 shorthanded goals , that alone tells you that San Jose has trouble skating with us. Joe Thorton teams never win the big games , do not forget that they were an ovetime away from going down 0-2 to the 8th seeded Avalanche. Even though the Sharks beat the Wings , the Wings were ahead alot in that series and actually outscored the Sharks. The Hawks would have swept the Sharks this year but the loss in Chicago saw them just not have luck arond the net even though they outshot them 48-20. There just is not a team out there that can beat the Hawks 4 times in one series , it really feels like this is the year , they are even havin teams like Washington , Detroit , and Pittsburgh get beat

  • Jay, I'm right there with you. I picked Hawks-in-6 for both of the first two rounds, and I think we're looking at a great matchup for the Hawks. I want to say Hawks-in-5.5, because I gotta feeling the Hawks could still totally give away an entire game to a team like the Oilers once every two weeks.

    But I'm with you on Hawks in 5. The road games don't scare these guys at all.

  • This is pretty funny stuff, guys. Is this the Second City Blog? The Sharks will take it in 6 just because of your goalie. He's played great so far, but with a 3 goals per game avergage, the Sharks take it. The Wings found that out. Now the Hawks will too.

  • In reply to jspector106:

    Wow, jeffyCO. I can't tell if you just can't read or if you just don't care. Niemi's got a 2.57 GAA in the postseason, compared to Lolita's 2.43. And in save percentage Antti's got Evgeni beat .909 to .907.

    But hey, in the Land of Make-Believe Stats I just scored 37 goals merely by posting this comment! Woo, personal Stanley Cup!

  • In reply to jspector106:

    44 saves for Niemi.

    Good call.

  • Another series, and another round of out of town Rubes coming tot he the blog to brag, then they will disappear when thier team is dispensed with...

    I wonder what happened to Turvey? Oh well...

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