Brouwer's playoff struggles land him on bench for Game 3

UPDATE : Various media outlets are reporting that Brouwer WILL SIT for game 3 in Vancouver tonight.  Look for Dustin Byfuglien to skate on the top line with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane.  Jordan Hendry will take Buff's spot on the blue line. 

This is an opinion I hate to have.  Troy Brouwer was one of the Hawks biggest and best surprises of the regular season.   His 22 goals were good for 5th on the team, but he's been absolutely terrible in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.


Troy Brouwer has been a complete disaster so far in the 2010 playoffs


In eight playoff games this season, Brouwer has 0 points and is a team worst -5.  He's hardly been on the ice (only 9:27 a game), so that -5 is REALLY amplified.  The only noticeable impact he's made in these playoffs have been his terrible defensive zone turnovers...including one that lead directly to the game winning goal for the Nashville Predators in game one of the Western Conference Quarterfinals. 

In fairness, his father suffered a brain hemmorage towards the end of the regular season.  Brouwer spent some time away from the team, and it's safe to assume that those difficulties are weighing on him. 

If the Hawks can get Brouwer going somehow, it makes them that much better.  However, every playoff game is so critical, the Hawks can't afford to wait for him to improve.  Bryan Bickell would be the logical choice to replace Brouwer, but Jack Skille, Colin Fraser or Kyle Beach could be options as well.

Whoever it is, it has to be a better option than Brouwer at this point.   


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  • I agree!

  • Only Troy and his coaches know what's happening with him mentally. When I play (at a considerably lower level) I think about nothing but hockey in that moment. No illness, no bills to pay, nothing but hockey. So I can't relate. The only thing I can add is the coaches are managing his play by minimizing it. Sad. Maybe the situation will change for him sometime soon. The Hawks need him.

    Otherwise, I'd see how Skille responds if Bickell isn't the answer. There's no way Beach is ready for NHL playoff speed at this stage. He's barely played minor league speed at this time. Everyone wants to rush him but we have several players that can take Brouwer's spot until he's back.

  • Jerry...good points. I like Skille's game. Hjammer was initiated in last seasons playoffs...why not skille? beach, on the other hand, is a delicate propect because of his personality. might be too risky.

  • I wish it were different, but sitting Brouwer is the right call. He's thinking hard about something but it ain't hockey. Watching from the bird's nest will get his competitive drive going again. His size and chemistry with Kane and Toews would be a difference maker.

    In the meantime, anybody but Bickell is a major risk, this is not the time to throw Skille or Beach (quit kiddin' around guys) in there and see how they do. Fraser is a better choice, even better than Bickell, who has done little. Stick with a known quantity and count on the guys who got us here in the first place.

  • The Hawks will need Brouwer's skill and grit eventually.

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