Hawks looking for big ASSist from Byfuglien

When the Blackhawks and Canucks face off for Game 1 of the Western Conference Semifinals Saturday at the United Center, Canucks' goalie Roberto Luongo will be reunited with an old friend.  Dustin Byfuglien's ample backside. 

After a few months playing defense for the injury depleted Blackhawks, Big Buff is moving back to forward, just in time to torment his old buddy Greasy Bob. 

In last years playoffs, Byfuglien's presence in front of Luongo and the Canucks net played a major role in the Hawks series victory. 

"He's going to be a big-body presence and I'm going to have to fight
through it," Luongo told the Vancouver Province on

Oh yeah...he's in his head.  Luongo is a supremely talented
goalie...perhaps the most talented in the league, but he's highly
emotional.  When things don't go well, it gets into his head.  Well,
things don't usually go well with 6-5, 257 lbs standing in front of

Make no mistake, Buff was moved back to forward SPECIFICALLY because the
Hawks are playing Luongo and Vancouver.  Had the opponent been
Colorado, Detroit, LA, or anyone else, it'd be fair to assume Byfuglien
would still be patrolling the Hawks blue line. 



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  • Now that's funny. Thanks. A Wings loss and Buff butt jokes and my night is complete. The only thing better would be a triple overtime SJ win.

  • Totally agree. This article just adds more to my excitment for tomorrow, it's starting to become too much. There was no triple OT win for SJ, but I have to say three goals in the first 10.5 minutes was a good consolation prize (the Wings came back and SJ won, obviously, but I was still shocked). OK now back to school work.

  • Funny article Jay. Hockey rule question I've always had for an expert (or anyone else out there who may know):

    For example, Hawks are playing the Canucks, and the Hawks commit a penalty. During the delayed call, Luongo scurries to the bench for the extra Vancouver attacker. While setting up the 6 on 5 in the Hawks zone, a Canucks pass back to the blue line splits the point men and travels all the way down the ice, scoring a goal in the Canuck's own net (without the Hawks touching the puck).

    Does the goal count for the Hawks? Then one of our men goes into the penalty box? Or does the goal not count, and just is considered a stoppage in play and we go to the box?

  • Nevermind... ironically look what I found.


  • Has Spiegel already written a "Baby Got Back" parody?

    Because "I like...Big...BUFF and I can not lie" is just begging to be created.

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