Wisniewski injures Seabrook with cowardly headshot, Hawks don't seem to mind (VIDEO)

It takes a man to drop the gloves and go toe to toe with an opponent in a hockey fight.  It takes a coward to charge a defenseless player from the blue line to the goal line, leave your feet, and deliver a blow to the head.

Anaheim Ducks defenseman James Wisniewski did the latter.

One game after Alex Ovechkin injured Brian Campbell with a cheap shot board, Wisniewski charged a defenseless Brent Seabrook, and knocked him out on his skates.  Seabrook wouldn't return.

It was a dirty hit by an overrated, cowardly defenseman.  Maybe now Chicago fans can stop treating him like James Rowand DeRosa Reed Wisniewski.  He's just a punk.

Head shots have been a league wide issue this season.  So much so that TODAY the NHL considered implementing IMMEDIATE rule changes. 
Despite being only handed a 2:00 charging call,  Wisniewski will SURELY be suspended for the hit, which could cost the already wounded Hawks another top tier defenseman.

Later in the game, Brent Sopel would get cross checked to the ice trying to clear a puck.  Again refs Paul Dvorski and Ian Walsh would balk at making the right call, and the puck would end up in the back of the Hawks net.  3-2 Ducks.  They would add an empty netter, and the Hawks would lose 4-2. 

After the empty net goal went in, new Hawk (and former Duck) Nick Boynton dropped the gloves with Wisniewski.  Sadly, it was the FIRST time since the hit occurred that a Hawk bothered to even bump Wisniewski.  Could it be that teams are learning that no matter what they do, the Hawks won't retaliate?  Wisniewski didn't have to pay for his actions. 

Who will be the next Hawk to get run?  Toews?  Kane?  Keith?  If the Hawks continue to ignore their teammates getting cheap shotted and injured, the bodies will continue to pile up.

Hawk management already "laughed" at the idea that they might need an enforcer.  They must be ROTFL-ing at the idea that they MIGHT need an enforcer.  Wait...the Hawks have one?  Oh yeah...Ben Eager.  The same Ben Eager who hasn't been credited with a hit in 5+ straight games.  How about Adam Burish, who tells everyone that will listen how he'll scrap with anyone at any time.  Does that not apply to old drinking buddies?   

The Hawks have a ton of talent, but they better get out of this malaise they've been in since the Olympics.  The league isn't going to fight for them.  The have to battle through and respond when things don't go their way.  Instead, they've been folding. 

Blackhawks, you have won nothing, no matter how many TV appearances, medal ceremonies, cheese ball commercials, conventions, Winter Classics or exotic limo rides  you participate in.  All that matters is the Stanley Cup. 

Remove head from collective rectums, re-focus and win.  No more excuses.

NOTE : The Anaheim announcers would later apologize for suggesting Seabrook was "selling" the injury  



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  • This loss isn't on the Hawks. It's on the officials and Jonas Hiller as we see again what a severe difference in goaltending can mean.

  • B.S. Respond! They skated around waiting for the Ducks to fold. Instead, the Ducks embarrassed and pantsed them. No more excuses for the golden boys. The free ride is over. Earn it.

  • I don't know. 41 shots doesn't seem like waiting around to me. Could've had 4, 5 , 6 goals if not for Hiller.

    Ducks 3rd goal should never have happened and the 2nd was a gift.

  • In reply to borg:

    Enforcer would be nice...but the idea of the "enforcer" has slowly been dying. If you ever listen to Eddie Olczyk and other NHL analysts, the enforcer is dying because the game has been taking a whole other turn since the strike happened. There has been more talent flowing through the NHL and teams would rather have that than the designated "enforcer". To be honest I feel like the last legendary enforcer was Bob Probert. Now that guy was a fighter...but not only that but he could hit, check, and even score points for the team. Now I am still a huge fans of enforcers and I believe no matter what every team needs at least one enforcer, but I don't think there is one as good as Probert in this day and age. I would love for Chicago to have someone like him like they did back in the 90's. As for the game, it was a mix of the Ducks, Hawks, and the refs that decided the game. Anything could have happened if those calls were made, but the Hawks did have their chances and Hiller was really amazing that game. Give him some credit. Wish we had a goalie like good ol Ed Belfour.

  • In reply to borg:

    On top of that every team has a slump, it is pretty much inevitable. This is one of the first slumps that the Hawks have had all season long. I believe there was only one other time they only got 1 point in a three game stretch. Seriously the whole game was just unlucky for the Hawks and whether you like it or not that will happen with every team in the NHL.

  • In reply to borg:

    I really hate when people blame losses on poor officiating, but after watching this debacle, I'm starting to re-think it. It's impossible to say what would've happened had a ref made a certain call on a certain incident in a certain game. However, we are talking about a goal in a 2-2 game, that should have never been allowed, and ends up being the game winner. Sopel never touched the puck. He was attempting to play it and was interfered with. Is that not exactly what happened? I thought the interference penalty was put into place for just such an occasion. It is ridiculous. What were these refs doing in this game? Wisniewski should have been given a 5 minute major + a 10 minute game misconduct. Instead, he gets a slap on the wrist. It was sickening to watch. The Blackhawks had better start manning up or else they can expect every other team in the league to play us the exact same way.

  • In reply to Spidey:

    "I really hate when people blame losses on poor officiating, but after watching this debacle, I'm starting to re-think it."

    So as you are begining to see, this opinion is not exclusive to Red Wing fans. This is one area we can begin to agree- The NHL officiating sucks, always has and until Buttman does something about it or loses his job, it always will! Just wait till the playoffs when they really screw ya! At least this was only a regular season game.

  • In reply to borg:

    Doesn't the fact that Duncan Keith went after Wisniewski right after the hit count? What, because Keith isn't a fighter (and appropriately got his rear end kicked by Wisniewski) count? Jay, did you watch the game at all before writing this nonsense, or did you have someone watch it for you? Either way, it WAS a dirty, cheap hit by a player I used to respect. Especially when you consider all the press the discussion on head hits has gotten, it just proves that Wisniewski is nothing more than a rock head.

  • In reply to borg:

    Yeah...Keith did a great job hugging him and getting punched...or so my game watch employees told me.

  • In reply to borg:

    The Anaheim announcers are as much of a disgrace as their team is. I can't believe Scott Niedermayer is associated with these scum.

  • In reply to borg:

    Jay Zawaski, I am sorry but just the way you talk it seems you have not much of any hockey knowledge. Watch some games and just listen to Eddie Olczyk commentate games.

  • In reply to Flannman:

    Olczyk's hockey knowledge is reflected in his NHL coaching record: twice as many losses as wins. If you're counting on him for insight, good luck.

  • In reply to Flannman:

    Seabrook's hit was basically a forearm push to the upper-back area. I thought he let up when Perry turned and hunched over.

    Barrett Jackman gets away with hits like that and worse almost every game.

  • In reply to borg:

    Looked a little like tit-for-tat to me. Seabrook's hit was shoulders and up at the head too and the video shows (at the 2.5 second mark) his hands raise to finish the hit. Wisniewski's was in the head no doubt about it. I agree it was dirty because Seabrook didn't even have the puck. However, I think Seabrook should have done a better job protecting himself, especially knowing he just laid a high shot to Perry seconds before.

    Before anyone gets too excited about that statement, just remember what sport this is and what generally happens when these things go down. My God, just look what happens when someone takes an extra poke at the puck under their goalie after the whistle blows! Its the family feud out there! When I played, I always played aggressively and sometimes made a dirty hit . But when I did so, my head was on a swivel because I knew someone was coming to pay it back. I think Seabrook forgot this rule for a second and got himself caught off guard. He shoulda been looking for it. Why wouldn't he be looking for it? Has he never played Anahiem before? These guys have been dirty for years! They are the Dirty Ducks afterall!!!

    I don't excuse either hit- They both were too high and if you want to start raising hell about the rule change being enacted immediately, then you would have to take the home team goggles off for those 2.5 seconds and see that there may have been some danger in Seabrook's hit as well. Just because one player gets "more injured" that the other doesn't make either OK.

    What do you think is gonna happen come playoff time when the intensity and emotions are even higher? Smart players say: protect yourself if you want to make it off the ice on skates and not on a stretcher!

    For the record- I think Wisniewski's hit was dirty but totally expected.

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