Tonight, when Team USA and Team Canada meet in the Vancouver Olympic Games, you won't find the game on NBC...the NHL's American flagship.  If you have Comcast, you won't find it in HD.  You'll see it on the NON HD MSNBC channel. 

Say what you want about the sport of hockey and it's wide appeal, but this could be THE premiere matchup of the Olympic games.  How can NBC justify NOT showcasing their NHL stars? 

They will tell you it's all about ratings, and they aren't lying.  Historically, the Olympics have been more popular with women than men.  Be that as it may, I think most women would be willing to watch ice dancing on a taped delay while NBC promotes it's sport.


Chicago fans will be stuck watching Kane and Team USA on the fuzzy MSNBC


I guess I'm biased, and don't...or can't...understand.  It's a shame that this fantastic hockey game will fall through the cracks while more mediocre skaters fall down and embarrass themselves like they did Monday night. 

Gary Bettman, once again, is getting effed by NBC.  A commissioner with half a sack would fight for his sport.  Bettman won't...and once again hockey fans are the ones who suffer.

If you'd like to watch the game tonight with some hockey fans...come to Dinger's on 106th and Western on the South Side tonight.  The Score's Danny Mac Show (which includes me) will be there watching the game.  The event starts at 6pm.   


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  • 16 (odd to say) getting hit tonight towards the end of the 2nd period made my heart jump a beat...

  • Jay - Couldn't agree with you more, can't understand why there hasn't been more of an uproar on this. There is no sport where HD has such a great impact as hockey and we've got to watch arguably one of the most anticipated games in years..ON MSNBC??? Channel 59, non-HD.. thanks so much NBC/Comcast . Here's a good blog / article on the subject:

    Keep up the good work, say hi to your Dad, worked many years with him at IBM.

  • Jay

    I'm with ya man. It's BS that the main N. American hockey game of the olympics isn't being shown on national TV.

    Here's some reason behind it according to Yahoo!.


  • NBC's NHL and Olympic hockey coverage is just starting to bother me more and more. MY office (filled with mostly non-hockey fans) are all buzzing about the US-Canada game on sunday. Such a wasted opportunity to market the sport (which would be in NBC's best interest to do anyways!) NHL needs to get a contract with ESPN when their contract with NBC expires. NBC is completely out of touch with reality (Conan anyone?)

  • Also, the Hawks are hosting a city roadwatch at the ESPN Zone downtown. If anyone would have it in HD, i would assume they would (if MSNBC even offers a HD feed?)

  • In reply to jdudhead:

    IF Comcast.... no HD on MSNBC in Chicago area (it's channel 59 on mine).

  • In reply to jdudhead:

    Anyone interested...everyone from the Danny Mac Show (including me) will be at Dingers on 106th and Western to watch the game. Event starts at 6pm. Do it. Do it.

  • In reply to jdudhead:

    There are not many times when a Canadian feels spoiled by television coverage in comparison to his friends down south, but this is one of those times. My problem is to decide what channel I will watch it on: TSN, CTV or RDS (all in HD). Can you access these channels with a dish?

    In any event, good luck to Kane and his fellow Americans. But I will be cheering for the other 3 Hawks...

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