Blackhawks limo pictures prove athletes like women

Late last night, some pictures surfaced (courtesy of "[The Province](" in Vancouver) of shirtless Blackhawks Patrick Kane, John Madden, and Kris Versteeg a limousine with some fun loving lasses. Let the controversy begin. The media is going to jump on this story and dissect it from every angle. The morals of the team will be questioned. The commitment to excellence will be questioned. Is Joel Quenneville losing control of his team? Is this further proof that Patrick Kane is a bad seed? John Madden is married! Is he a cheater? Those who have been waiting for something negative to say about the Hawks have it now.

Oh the outrage! How dare young, (mostly) single athletes have a good time with some semi good looking women? I'm going to break some news here, but athletes like to go out, drink, and have fun...often with decent looking women.

This happens with every team, in every league. Unfortunately, the Hawk players allowed a camera.

I'm not going to be naive and suggest nothing sexual happened, but at the same time, there is no proof that it did. There is no proof that John Madden did anything unfaithful. If it did happen, it's just a reality in pro sports.

Let me share a few stories that I know of or maybe you've forgotten over the last few years.

In Theo Fleury's new book, he talks about his time with the Hawks. He talks about a night where he was so desperate for a drug fix, he walked alone into the projects asking anyone he could find to point him to a dealer. He spent the night doing drugs with a homeless vagrant.

Another? Ok. During the early - mid 2000's, there was a Lincoln Park establishment we would all hang out at after games. More often than not, some Blackhawks players would arrive, win or lose, and drink the night away.

One of the more frequent Hawks, on an especially crowded night, was looking to once again leave with a woman. I spent most of the night right next to him, as the crowd was wall to wall. He nudged past me and headed to the bar. He asked the bartender for a martini glass and a bottle of ketchup. He filled the glass with the ketchup, unzipped, inserted his little tomahawk, and asked his target if she wanted a "shrimp cocktail." Somehow, this worked, and he later left arm and arm with this woman and one of her friends.

Back to Theo Fleury. Remember that night in Columbus when the Hawks went to the Pure Platinum strip club? Fleury was kicked out, and it became news. Do you think that was the first time a team took a trip to a strip club? Nope. It was the first time it was made public because of Fleury's incident.

Jonathan Toews. Yes, Jonathan Toews was photographed a few years ago sucking down a beer bong. He was underage. Yes, just like you, he drank when he was underage.

I've seen women of every age, every race, and every level of beauty humiliate themselves for a chance with a hockey player. A couple times a month, I host a Hawk talk Q&A with Adam Burish. I've seen him hugged, kissed, licked, tugged, poked, and harassed at every event. Girls insist on sitting on his lap for a picture. These women do not relent. Burish, to his credit, remains friendly and cordial, and just wipes his cheek and moves on. At the end of a typical night, 3-4 phone numbers are left for him at the table.

Not everyone has the willpower Adam does. It know if I was a single, 26 year old millionaire I would have trouble staying away.

I'm not saying it's right, but it happens all the time. Don't think any less of the Hawks than you thought of the '85 Bears, the Jordan Bulls, the '05 Sox, or the 1908 Cubs. Athletes are rock stars, and are treated as such.

The biggest violation in these pictures is Kris Versteeg's glasses. Come on Steeger. Did you steal those from a Hooters waitress?

Perhaps the Hawks learned a lesson here. Keep the cameras away from the skanks, and use discretion when they are around.


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  • The Hawks players are topless, not the girls. Perhaps the commentary here is that the opposite should be the case?

  • FD - I'm assuming that happened...eventually

  • Back Off Jaybird! That was years ago, man!

    Steeger, those glass are brutal and ya look kinda sissy, dude. And i think the reason Steegs shirt didnt come off with the rest of em is because the limo wasn't equipped with a paint scraper. And those dirties!!! Steeg, nice work there but the other two are Swamp Donkies! And it's way too early in the evening for that- these guys are friggin embarrassing!

  • Somewhere in Lincoln Park, there's a guy thinking "hey, this 'shrimp cocktail' thing might just work!"

  • Hey is that Stifflers mom with Kaner?

    I to had a chance to hang out at a Bar with a large group of Hawks....They let me and a buddy hang out, I could not have been treated any better....We said Hi walked away, and they called us back saying you guy can hang with us, you are cool.

    Being a STH for a few years, yes before they were good, probably helped that I knew a few fringe players names at the time, one of them introduced himself has "Bob", I called him out knowing who he was...but it was funny. They were all complete gentlemen, especially considering how young they all are.

    I love these guys, Lay off!

  • You need to give credit to "The Province" for breaking this. They just didn't "surface" out of nowhere

  • This is the stupidest thing I have ever read. You act like this is super ground breaking material. WHAT!?! Athletes like women?? Because I thought athletes were all asexual. And hockey players like beer?? And women like hockey players?? And the Hawks are rich? AND Young?? And sometimes men cheat on their girlfriends/wives?? Because I thought Tiger was the only one. And a professional athlete had a drug problem? Love the attempt to shock - and show how inside you are - with the ketchup martini anecdote. But unless you are going to name names and be held somewhat accountable for your claim, I'm going to assume you are lying. Those pictures are really not that big of a deal. And, if anything, I think we should be saluting those women. I'm willing to bet they did keep their clothes on, and just had a good time convincing those drunk guys to get naked so they could take pictures and have a good story to tell. Those girls used those guys like so much whatever.

  • In reply to CaptainSeriousFan:

    Love the attempt to shock - and show how inside you are - with the ketchup martini anecdote. But unless you are going to name names and be held somewhat accountable for your claim, I'm going to assume you are lying.

    wow, someone REALLY wants to know which Blackhawk stuck his dick in a martini glass.

  • In reply to CaptainSeriousFan:

    I'm glad that so far the majority of media outlets have basically taken a "what's the big deal?" stance with this story, because seeing people 21+ drinking topless in a limo isn't exactly mind blowing. I'm just grateful that no one cared enough to print what I was doing when I was 21.

    The photos of Kaner's bare chest did however reaffirm my belief that he has not yet hit puberty. Lay off Versteeg and the glasses, he probably needed them to shield his eyes from the glare coming off his teammates upper bodies.

  • In reply to CaptainSeriousFan:

    Damn, least get some REAL hotties if you are going to strip like that in a limo!!! Eeesh....what is the world of celebrity skanks coming to???

  • In reply to CaptainSeriousFan:

    All of these girls look pretty to me.
    Nothing skanky about them at all.
    You're just jealous.

  • I think it's a little unnecessary to call the young woman in the first photo a skank.

  • dude.....kane could do better than that wtf?!

  • Actually, if those women hanging around pro athletes did maintain some sense of dignity, THAT would be the story!

    At least the hockey boys aren't pulling loaded guns on each other...

  • Capt. Serious Fan - Apparently you're unfamiliar with sarcasm.

    Carl - I won't apologize for calling them skanks. They know exactly whay they're doing. They know who the guys are and they release the photos for fleeting fame. Are they the victims simply because they are woman? Come on. They know exactly what they are doing.

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    What exactly is it they are doing? I don't see any of the women with their clothes off in these pictures which is more than I can say for any of the players. And who the hell said anything about them being victims? The only thing they've fallen victim to is sexist, stereotypical a-holes such as yourself who feel threatened by a woman who is confident in her sexuality. A woman expresses herself sexually (which the women in these pictures are not even necessarily doing) and you automatically label her a skank. Give me a break. If anybody is skanking it in these pictures it's the players.

    And who cares if these women did have sexual relations with the players? Is that a bad thing? No! its not. people have sex, people enjoy sex. Why then is it necessary, when women seek pleasure and express their sexuality, that fat jerk offs such as yourself label them with derogatory names such as slut and skank.

    As if no man has ever lowered himself to the acts you describe women as doing to players. You're applying a double standard here. At the VERY LEAST, you have to admit that the players in these pictures are way bigger skanks.

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    the only people should mad are hawks coaches , ther is obviously some weight equipment not being used

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    What's the big deal? They're all legal, consenting adults. They were in a limo, not driving drunk. They weren't out shooting anyone or raping people or getting into fights. If this affected their performance for the game, that's the coach's job to discipline them. When did our nation start looking down on adults for having fun?

  • In reply to JayZawaski:

    So the guys are not as guilty as the girls? BS. Why would you take a picture with ur shirt and belt off than? Yeah they're jsut having a good time and thats it I don't see the big deal. And all this Burish talk, hmm I've heard him talk about girls a lot and being the ladies man so isn't he asking for it? And what do you expect, girls not throwing themselves at professional athletes? Hey it happens! If anything those girls in those photos are having a good time and not acting like skanks at all. Talk about being a totally sexist pig. And do you even really know that those girls released the pictures? C'mon getting ur picture taken how do u not expect anyone else to ever see it?

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