Blackhawks ring in new year with dominating win

I guess you could call this a statement victory.  The night after Martin Broudeur shuts out the defending champion Pittsburgh Penguins, the Hawks light him up for 5 goals, and skate circles around the top team in the Eastern Conference. 

As a long time Hawk fan, it still just doesn't seem real.  It's so hard for me to believe the Hawks are the best team in hockey, but they are.  When they face off against elite teams, I get that uneasy feeling.  It's the old days in me I guess.  When I found out Brodeur was starting, I really didn't think the Hawks had a chance.  Once again, I was reminded that MY team...YOUR the best in the NHL. 

Granted, the Devils played a huge game against the Pens last night, and were a little weary, but the Hawks dominated.  Entering tonight's action, the Devils had an unreal 13-3-1 road record.  The Hawks made them look ordinary, at best.

The only downside of tonight's win was when Niklas Hjalmarsson took a puck in the ear while sitting on the bench.  He hit the deck quickly, and was rushed to the locker room.  Joel Quenneville said, "We'll see how he is tomorrow."   

2010 is looking more and more like the year of the Hawks.  Those three Stanley Cup banners look lonely up in the rafters.  It's time to add a couple more. 

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