Somewhere You Should Go: ABRAHAM LINCOLN Presidential Library & Museum, #FollowTheRedCup #WinterRedCupAdventure

Somewhere You Should Go: ABRAHAM LINCOLN Presidential Library & Museum, #FollowTheRedCup #WinterRedCupAdventure


This summer my favorite Secretary of State Jesse White invited me and the Governor Cliff Kelley to come down to Springfield to visit the brand new ABRAHAM LINCOLN PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY. ALL OF SPRINGFIELD is very proud of recently rehabbed, world class center. If you know Cliff, then you'll understand why we haven't gone yet. (I saw pictures of DJ Vince Adams spinning at the Inauguration Party there and it's more beautiful than Jesse White described).

Mr. Kelly is SOOOOOOOOOO busy helping EVERYBODY in Chicago's City Halls & Courts AND people in other cities, that getting him to commit to hop on the AMTRAK to head down to SPRINGFIELD and stay in the GOVERNOR'S MANSION for a weekend is like trying to tie down an octopus. When ComED sponsored our #PowerToThePeople LIVE broadcast like 5 years ago, it was only Carl West and I that stayed a few days to network in the Capital and see some of Springfield (spoiler alert...not much to see in Springfield...corn...done. I recommend bringing your own fun. Unless Madigan hates Black people dancing as much as he hates educating us, I think you still have a First Amendment right to line dance and step in the STREETs of Springfield...even better the steps of the CAPITAL. Who knows the HungerGamesHop?). I did meet the lobbyist for the Taxi Cab companies and walked out with a media buy and check. I took the money, and let the Taxi Cabs lament on air about how unfair ride sharing is...but Yellow Cabs are still FIRED!!! Harold said take their HAMS...but vote for me. #DONE

Everybody else from the WVON team drove down and went right back after the live broadcast was done...But I DIGRESS...BACK TO MRKelly...I'm still waiting for him to confirm the LUNCH with LEON FINNEY we were supposed to do last month...OHKelly. Finney said he needs an assistant. I told Cliff that 3 years ago. He said I got you and CK got my standard response #NotYourSecretary...SMH. (And I just heard about your big retirement party at...?????. When were you going to let me know? If I'm not officially invited, I'm not coming...better hope I'm in town...FYI...LBVS).

From the museum website...Welcome, and thank you for helping us to share Lincoln’s story with the world. Take time to look around. Be sure you stay informed and spread the word about our Nation’s 16th President, Abraham Lincoln. You will find you’re in good company. You might even want to Donate Now to help us in our mission of support for the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum as it preserves and interprets the Lincoln Legacy. We invite you to join us in telling the “Greatest Story Ever Told.” Let’s get started …

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Since Chicago Public School students are out of school due to the strike, now would be a great time to hop in your car, train, or bus and head down to Springfield.

In its first year of operation, the Lincoln complex received $17 million from the state. With the state barely able to pay its bills, funding had dwindled to around $9 million in recent years. Some funding was restored this year, bringing the budget to $13 million. Officials at the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, which oversees the library and museum, said funding has simply kept pace with the rising cost of employee pensions and health care, leaving little or no money for improvements.

Even with dwindling resources, the Lincoln library and museum had a six-year reign as the most visited presidential library in the country. But in 2011, the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and Museum in Simi Valley, Calif., moved to No. 1 and stayed there. Lincoln now ranks No. 3, slightly behind the William J. Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock, Ark.

The declining attendance does not bode well for the city of Springfield, where the Lincoln museum complex has contributed up to $24 million a year to the local economy, according to library officials.

Discover the makings of your legendary vacation in Springfield, IL. Nowhere else can you find a more complete and authentic collection of Abraham Lincoln sites that let you step back in time to walk in the legendary president’s footsteps. Explore the nostalgia of Route 66 or take in the grandeur of the Frank Lloyd-Wright designed Dana-Thomas House. Enjoy farm-to-table restaurants, then shop ‘til you drop at local boutiques, art galleries and antique shops. At the end of your day relax at one of our classic hotels or romantic bed & breakfasts.

This site is dedicated toward the promotion of the Illinois Capitol Building and is intended to serve as an informational and educational resource for its visitors.
      Its creators have worked in the Capitol for a combined 40 years and are interested in the history of the building and efforts to preserve it for future generations.
      We hope you enjoy your on-line journey through the halls of one of the great state Capitols in the United States of America.

The creators of this website have co-authored a book about the Illinois Statehouse showcasing many never-before published photos of the Capitol. The Illinois Statehouse is available at several Springfield locations, among which are those that have kindly hosted book signings for us over the last several months. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the staff at the following Springfield locations: The Dana-Thomas House, Prairie Archives, The Illinois State Historical Society, Sam's Club, The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Barnes and Noble Booksellers & the Lincoln Home Visitor's Center. We have been honored to be at each site. Many thanks also to those who purchased books, or just stopped by to share a story or discuss the Statehouse.

Author Deanna Burrell is the Queen of George Washington Park in Chicago.

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