Someone You Should Know: Bertony Faustin, Oregon Change & Wine Maker #FollowTheRedCup #20Slash19 #Cricklife

Someone You Should Know: Bertony Faustin, Oregon Change & Wine Maker #FollowTheRedCup #20Slash19 #Cricklife

"It's great that I'm the first
but what's most important
is that I'm not the last."

- Bertony Faustin

In 2008, Bertony Faustin became the 1st recorded Black winemaker in Oregon. The journey that lead him to this incredible accomplishment was not typical...nor could it have been. In an industry of legacy and privilege, Bertony had neither. He didn't descend from a prominent wine lineage so his motivation was never strictly about the wine.

His destiny was sown deeply into the fabric of family and living up to the expectations of his father. With so many entering the industry, to stand out and become a renowned wine maker Bertony had to innovate strategically. He saw his opportunity to build a platform that would allow him to change the world and he set his big plans in motion.

"I don't love the industry.
I love what the industry allows me to do."

Building the foundation to bring people together, break bread and develop community. His efforts allow for a deeper conversation into diversity, equity & inclusion...and of course fermented grapes.

Abbey Creek

August 23rd, 2019 at 6pm, come out to "The Crick" in North Plains, Oregon for a very special night.

The Crick is celebrating Change Maker Extraordinaire Bertony Faustin's birthday
live and in color at Abbey Creek.

It's a House Party!

House Party

Expect a ton of great moments. Mix it up with some of Portlands' Hip Hop celebrities including "The Broken Glass Podcast" host Vocab, rising rap star Covi, and more. As Bertony continues to build the legacy of Abbey Creek, it has always been his intention to change the world by changing the game. Let's celebrate his philosophy of building lasting relationships and influence that encourages us to SPEAK OUR TRUTH.

Doors will open at 6pm sharp so get your RED CUPS there early. You don't want to miss a second of this joyous occasion.

*Content provided by Abbey Creek Winery

Abbey Creek Winery
(Tasting room is open to the public Sat & Sun/12pm - 5pm)
#FollowTheRedCup #20SLASH19 #TheCrick

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