Happy Secretary’s Day #CrookedClerk Dorothy Brown…Go Have All The Seats in Crook County

Happy Secretary’s Day #CrookedClerk Dorothy Brown…Go Have All The Seats in Crook County

Today is “Administrative Professional’s Day” once known as “Secretary’s Day.” A day where historically executives and professionals (usually men) acknowledge and do something nice for their secretaries (usually women). Being a secretary can be a thankless job and a female secretary all too often also finds herself warding off the inappropriate sexual advances of her boss. Having to shut up and deal with the misogyny of office political also comes with a feeling of helplessness. In order to combat this, secretaries slowly rebranded themselves as “administrative professional” as a means to take back their power. I’m in marketing so I always love a slick rebranding campaign. I prefer the title “secretary” because I’m clear what that is. The title “administrative professional” makes me scratch my head. WTF is that. You’re a professional at administration AKA filing and moving papers around which brings me to the point of this blog.

Dorothy Brown is currently the “Clerk” of the Cook County Circuit Court. The dictionary defines clerk as “a person employed, as in an office, to keep records, file, type, or perform other general office tasks.” This is Mrs. Brown message about her office from her website:

The Clerk of the Circuit Court (Clerk’s Office) is, by law, the official keeper of records for all judicial matters brought into the Circuit Court of Cook County. The Clerk’s Office serves the 5.2 million citizens of Cook County, more than 400 judges and maintains offices in Chicago, Skokie, Rolling Meadows, Maywood, Bridgeview and Markham.
To handle day-to-day responsibilities, the Clerk’s Office has a workforce of approximately 1,916 employees and an annual operating budget of more than $80 million. In 2008, the Clerk’s Office collected $195,000,000 in revenue from filing fees, interest on accounts earned and other sources of which 80% was sent to the Cook County Treasurer’s Office. The additional 20% in revenue was paid to over 950 state and local agencies. In 2008, there were a total of 1,705,413 new cases filed with the Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, and 19,773,061 case activity transactions performed by Clerk’s Office personnel. There were also 6,273,766 public inquiries made for information contained in the Clerk’s Office’s system.

Dorothy Brown is the head secretary of all the secretaries/clerks in the Cook County Circuit Cook. So Happy Administrative Professional’s Day Dorothy Brown. Now riddle me this, why the hell is a secretary an elected office? And why the hell does a secretary how so much power?

In 2016, Cook County commissioners decided to put on the November ballot a question asking whether the recorder of deeds office should be folded in to the clerk’s office. It was a contentious debate which was whittled down to the fact that the Black recorder Karen Yarbrough would be overtaken by the white clerk David Orr. Again, why are the secretaries given so much power and why are they wasting our tax dollars dividing their offices and making their titles sound more important that they are? You are a secretary. Get in a secretaries place. File some papers. This really burns me up.

Have you ever met an over-empowered secretary? I know you have. The one that has worked with the boss forever. She has a nasty attitude cause she sick of this shit, but she won’t retire or get a new job and she knows he won’t fire her. So she spends her days throwing her weight around and making everyone’s work live hell for no reason at all. Why can’t she just be nice? Why does she have to be a know-it-all, nasty bitch who insists on doing everything the same as they did it in 1947. She doesn’t know how to use a computer and she ain’t even going to bother to try learning that devil machine. She’s inefficient, ignorant, loud, deluded, and the source of so much office drama that you just try to stay away from her. Well, that’s what we have by making the “Clerk” AKA “Secretary” of the Cook County Circuit Court an elected office. Dorothy Brown has a law degree and from the website I can see she is very technologically advanced, but everything else I described about the over-empowered secretary still applies to her.

Dorothy Brown is corrupt, selfish, and is not fit to be the next mayor of Chicago. She’s only running to raise money to pay for her legal defense on the bribes-for-jobs, federal charges that will be coming down any day now. She and the clerks at the Cook County Courthouse misuse their positions to influence the outcomes of court cases. I figured this out last week. I’m involved in a domestic dispute with Melody Spann-Cooper and Pierre Cooper, my former WVON bosses. We should not be in domestic court. We should be in civil court so I can properly sue my #SlumBossCrookedMillionaire employer for all the money she still owes me. But Melody Spann-Cooper and her #CrookedSlumLawyer Linda Chapman use the courts to bully anyone who challenges her. It was already difficult for me to find a lawyer because many didn’t want to represent me and risk being blackballed from being on-air at WVON 1690am, the only Black news talk radio station is Chicago. I finally found a white attorney, formerly a judge, who had been on WVON in the past, but he seemed like he wasn’t concerned if he was blackballed from being back on the station.

But it slowly dawned on me how chummy he was with Linda Chapman and how he was not representing me zealously. Before our last status hearing, we agreed that he would withdraw from my case. He had been compromised by the bright lights of WVON. He left the courtroom and I stayed to get my paperwork. Melody’s attorney, Linda Chapman, was called up right away. The black female clerk made me wait a long time. When she finally called me up, she glared and snapped at me like a mad dog. That’s when it dawned on me…the fix is in. That’s why even though Melody is completely in the wrong, she comes to court every time with a big smile like her shit don’t stink. That’s why every time we have a hearing, my case is never listed on the board outside and my domestic case against Melody’s husband (which started this whole issue in domestic court) is never paired with Melody’s cyber stalking case against me. Every time we come to court the judge has to order the clerk to go pull the paperwork of my case against Pierre. Why? Because the clerks are helping Melody and Linda. The fix is in and Dorothy Brown is the head of a very nasty and corrupt system.

I will be filing my complaint against court clerk in room 201 today. She wouldn’t tell me her name after she snapped at me, but I got it. I will be filing a complaint. Let’s see how Dorothy Brown responds. Oh, and Happy Secretary’s Day.


P.S. Dorothy Brown has a Second Chance Expungement Summit on Saturday, June 2, 2018 at Kennedy King College (6301 S. Halsted Street). It's her annual full service expungement summit for adult and juvenile application, preparation, and filing. Registration is at 830am and doors close at 6pm. Volunteer attorneys will be on site to help with expungement and sealing applications. You must bring your RAP sheet(s) which you can order from the police department and they take 6 weeks to be mailed so go do that ASAP. Filing and service fees may apply. For additional information, call (312) 603-5200 or visit www.cookcountyclerkofcourt.org

Every crooked politician should at least have one good thing they consistently do for the people and this is hers. Thanks #CrookedDorothy.


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