Democrats, don't filibuster Gorsuch. Let's Strategize and Negotiate.

Democrats, don't filibuster Gorsuch. Let's Strategize and Negotiate.

Democrats, don't filibuster Neil Gorsuch. For a conservative Republican pick, he is one I'm okay with. He seems reasonable and not self-serving. Instead, Strategize and Negotiate. It's clear you don't know these words or how they work so let me explain.

Your guy (Democrats) goes to their guy (Republicans) and says "We will approve Gorsuch if you all agree in writing and announce to the American public that the next open seat goes to Merrick Garland. We all know you stole that seat and you owe it to our past president, the American people, and the concept of fair democracy to give it back. This is an opportunity for you to correct your past wrong, save us the work of having to negotiate when the next seat comes up (I bet Ruth Bader Ginsburg would happily retire if we offered her this opportunity), and show the world we aren't a bunch of petulant children who can't work together. This is a win-win.

Now let's figure out a win-win for creating free, universal health care like every other modern country, fair women's health care coverage, paid maternity/paternity leave, better work practices, mental health treatment, proper veteran assistance, fair distribution of wealth, putting checks on corporate greed, monopolies, wealth disparity, inflation, social security, immigration, economic development for underserved/poor/innercity/rural communities, underserved/underfunded public education systems, free college, climate control, fixing our crumbling construction/infrastructure and most importantly this Russia foolishness.

We can't void the election. We got played by Russia. We've done it numerous times in other countries. They took the play from our book. Game recognizes Game. We were so arrogant we didn't imagine someone would eventually play us. This is 9/11 all over again. All the signs were there. Half of the government lacked the imagination, intelligence and/or balls to combat it (looking at you Hillary).

The other half purposefully ignored it because it helped their guy which is actually an act of treason to allow another country to interfere in our election (looking at you Trump, Ryan, Pence, McConnell, insert numerous dumb, rich white boys in power ruining our country with their racism).

Back to Russia...We have dumbed down our people so much with our terrible education system that they are too stupid to ask the right questions or spot fake news. And we have let the greedy white boys really believe that they earned all that wealth and white privilege by their own two hands and they have no responsibility to spread it around even though their ancestors accumulated it by committing the most heinous and disgusting acts against humanity.

At least we have good company in our stupidity (looking at you Brexit...pass the privilege tea). Plus, Russia infiltration has rightfully and fortunately shaken the faith of the American people and eroded the already tenuous bit of trust they had in us, their elected officials. We have sucked for so long. So how about we start new today and make it better.

Here's another win-win idea...Let's agree to remove Pence. We all know he hates women, could easily be the Grand Wizard of Indiana's vibrant KKK community, and used his personal email when he was conducting business as Governor. Plus he looks creepy as hell...and so does Paul Ryan who also hates women and is probably high ranking in Wisconsin's vibrant KKK community.

They are both rich, dumb, white boy racists and I wouldn't be surprised to learn they tortured numerous animals and picnicked at several lynchings in their youth. White boys kill me when they want to ban all Muslims and label them as terrorists. But they don't mark their well-documented, serial killers brothers as terrorists (looking at numerous, robed white men, Bundy, Dahmer, Wayne Gacy, Roof.

If you wanna know what happened to all those missing Black girls in DC, I would start launch an investigation in the rich, white secret societies.) Let's get rid of them both because they have skated too long on their "All-America" looks and white privilege and couldn't pass a health care bill if they had 8 years to work on it.

Let's make Bernie Speaker, Hillary VP, and keep Trump as Prez. We cheated Bernie so we owe him. And half the country wanted Hillary and half (mostly the racists and undereducated) wanted Trump. But Trump is the President we deserve because America is built on racism and we consistently let the ignorant, racists sacrifice the good of all for their idiot white supremacy.

This is how our democracy works. Every person gets representation and a voice. It would be nice if we educated the racism and ignorance out of them, but since we are snowflakes who don't see color and we let the rich turn the poor whites against all the people of color. (Hey Poor are poor because of the rich white people. Lynching Black people and kicking out Mexicans isn't going to put food on your table.

Tell Mitch McConnell to share some of his estimated net worth of between $9.2 million and $36.5 million with you. A bunch of jobs in California and Texas picking grapes for $2 an hour is not going to help you. Calling out Mitch McConnell’s long opposition to increasing the minimum wage will directly put more money in your pockets and food on your table. You keep falling for the okedoke.

Trump is the President we deserve. He is legitimately and completely America born and breed. So until we acknowledge the racism that is woven into America's very being, we will continue to let ignorance ruin us all.

Let's spare ourselves the cost and spectacle of a Flynn/Russia congressional hearing which will just reveal  that half of us were bumbling incompetents and half of us were selfish traitors. Let's make Hillary and Trump to work together like our Founding Fathers used to do until that disgusting, slaving, rapist, a-hole Thomas Jefferson changed the rule. I'm so glad I saw Hamilton and was reminded of some of the good rules that we have let some a-holes pervert for their own selfish benefit.

Shoot, we gotta lot to do so let's agree on TWO supreme court appointments and which gives us back a bunch of time, energy, and resources to get to work on all the things on the list above. Seriously, let's walk across the aisle, work together, and really make america great!"

But what do I know?

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Deanna Burrell is the Marketing Director for the Free Howard Morgan campaign which seeks a full pardon and reparations for former Chicago police officer Howard Morgan who was shot 28 times #28Shots by four white police officers for driving while Black and then convicted of attempted murder even though he never fired his weapon at them. Also, check out my best-selling novel, Single Girl Summer.

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