State's Attorney Anita Alvarez Works For the Police; Not the People

State's Attorney Anita Alvarez Works For the Police; Not the People

Anita Alvarez has spent her entire legal career in the State’s Attorney’s Office. Her career began as an Assistant State’s Attorney in 1986. She moved up the ranks and in 2008 was elected to the office of Cook County State’s Attorney making her the first Hispanic woman elected to this position. In 2012, she easily won reelection with 77% of the votes. She is currently seeking reelection in the March 15th, 2016 primary election and we cannot let this woman…this public menace…remain in office.

Criminal prosecutions are the chief duty of most State’s Attorney offices. The office and officers are supposed to represent the government as the “people’s lawyer” and decide if the state has gathered enough evidence against a suspect to pursue a case in court and if so, prosecute. According to Anita Alvarez’s reelection video, “the role of a prosecutor is not about racking up convictions. It’s about getting to the truth. It’s about justice. Justice is recognizing the mistakes of the past.” Anita Alvarez’s website also claims that her top issues are “stepped up efforts to tackle public corruption, creation of the state’s attorney first ever ‘Conviction Integrity Unit’, restoring trust between communities and law enforcement, and [tackling] violence against women.” While reading Alvarez’s website, I have never laughed so hard while simultaneously being so offended and disgusted by a crooked politician’s filthy lies. (Alvarez’s reelection video is on YouTube and it’s always very telling to me when the comment section of a video is disabled. Click here and prepare your side eye.)

Anita Alvarez is a menace to society and a boil on the face of democracy. She does not work for the people. She is not committed to cleaning up public corruption, restoring trust or even protecting women from violence. In fact, she often persecutes women, wrongfully convicts citizens, blames the victims, racially discriminates, and is a puppet for the Chicago Police Department and Fraternal Order of Police. Here’s a snapshot of some of her most egregious crimes against the public.

1) Anita Alvarez has made Illinois the wrongful conviction capital of the country. The Cook County State’s Attorney Office is the second largest prosecutor’s office in the nation and after 7 years of Alvarez’s leadership, Illinois is also the wrongful conviction capital of the county. In 2012, the top 5 states in 2012 were Michigan (35), California (79), Texas (84), New York (88) and Illinois (101).

2) Anita Alvarez refuses to right the wrongs of her office. Have you heard about all the convictions that have been overturned by her Convictions Integrity Unit (CIU)? Me neither. It was created in 2012 with much fanfare and many press release announcements, but what significant work has it done? It’s estimated that Northwestern University’s Center on Wrongful Convictions is responsible for a third of Illinois exonerations. So what does Anita Alvarez do to assist in overturning wrongful convictions? Does she offer resources from the CIU and assess to case files? Does she graciously receive the messages of new evidence shining a light on police and prosecutorial misconduct? No, she doesn’t. Instead, she attacks the messengers at Northwestern’s Innocence Project. She claimed that the students were not acting as students, but as “investigators”. Anita Alvarez sought a subpoena for a broad range of materials and records from Northwestern including students’ grade transcripts. Instead of admitting her mistakes and fixing them by letting innocent men and women out of jail, she decided to waste taxpayer time and money by questioning the Innocence Project students who were doing the job she should have done.

3. Anita Alvarez is a puppet helping the police cover up their maleficence. She deliberately filed the wrong charge against Officer Dante Servin in the murder of Rekia Boyd which lead to his acquittal. She wouldn’t have filed charges against Officer Jason Van Dyke for murdering Laquan McDonald if the dash cam footage wasn’t released to much public outcry. And don’t forget that it was only last year when former Mayor Daley’s nephew R.J. Vanecko was finally charged in the brutal murder of David Koschman after almost a decade of police shenanigans and cover-ups including the Vanecko case file disappearing. It was finally found at Lt. Denis Walsh’s Northwest side bungalow who was tied to four instances of missing records in this case.

4. Anita Alvarez attacks the victims. In 2010, Tiawanda Moore was involved in a domestic dispute and the police were called to her residence. She and her boyfriend were questioned in different rooms. When the police had Moore alone, she claimed the officer came on to her, groped her breast, and slipped her his home phone number. When she and her boyfriend attempted to file a complaint with the Chicago police investigators, they discouraged her from filing a report so Moore secretly recorded the rest of the conversation on her cell phone. Do you know what Anita Alvarez did with the information that the police sexually assaulted and intimidated a victim? She charged Tiawanda Moore with violating the Illinois Eavesdropping Act, a Class 1 felony which could have led to a sentence of up to 15 years in prison. When the case went to trial, the jury quickly dismissed the charges and stated that the case was a waste of time and Ms. Moore should never have been charged. Did you also know that Anita Alvarez led the national effort to arrest citizens who film the police in public? She took her case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court to strip citizens of our First Amendment right and take away our most effective tool in fighting police abuse. Alvarez doesn’t charge the police for their wrong-doings, but she tries to zealously prosecute citizens who are simply exercising freedoms granted by the Constitution and protecting themselves from rampant police misconduct.

5. Anita Alvarez hates Black people. I’ve never met Alvarez or seen her in person, but when I saw her speak out against Officer Howard Morgan's release this year and her 60 minutes interview in 2012, I knew. Officer Howard Morgan is a Black police officer who was shot 28 times by four white police officers. Alvarez charged Officer Morgan with four counts of attempted murder and she zealously prosecuted him. The only time she goes after the police is when they are Black. She even skirted the double jeopardy law and mounted two trials against Officer Morgan when the jury was hung after the first one. If you haven’t seen her 60 minutes interview, click here because you have to see it to believe how crazy this woman is (skip to the 7 minute mark). She was asked about two young men who were wrongly imprisoned for rape and murder. After they spent years in prison, the DNA evidence was finally tested and they were released. The conclusion was none of the two men’s DNA was found at the scene. But the DNA evidence from a serial rapist who died after the crime was committed was found. Instead of admitting her office was wrong, Anita Alvarez said on national TV that the serial rapist could have found the body and had sex with the dead body after the two boys raped and murdered her. WHAT? Anita Alvarez would rather believe that a serial rapist switched his modus operandi to necrophilia, then admit she was wrong. What I learned from her testimony is that Anita Alvarez truly thinks most Black men are depraved rapists and murders who are so sick that they also regularly have sex with dead people. Only a twisted and racist mind could come up with that narrative and she has no business being the moral compass of Cook County.

Every move, decision, and statement Alvarez makes is in favor of the racism and corruption that has embedded itself in the Chicago Police Department and Fraternal Order of Police. She is an embarrassment to common sense and decency. How much longer will she terrorize the good people of Chicago, Cook County, Illinois, and the United States of America? I don’t want to wait until March. I want her gone NOW! Mark my words after she’s ousted from office, she’ll land a lucrative and top position at the FOP. But Karma is a bitch. One day Alvarez will reap from all the evil she has sewn into so many lives. But for now…Bruce Rauner and Toni Preckwinkle, you need to holla at your girl. #byeAnitaNecrophiliaAlvarez #DNADoesMatter #BlackLivesMatter #MarchWillBeHerSlaughter


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