First Lady Michelle Obama visits Chicago

First Lady Michelle Obama visits Chicago

Yesterday I attended the Gen44 Chicago Reception for First Lady Michelle Obama. The event took place at Venue One located at 1044 West Randolph Street. Recommended attire was business/business casual and comfortable footwear was recommended since it was a largely standing reception.

This is my second Obama reception so I knew to dress super cute and don my comfy flats. I support my President and First Lady. They are smart Chicagoan who I trust to move this country in the right direction. Plus Michelle Obama and I both graduated from Whitney Young high school so we are sisters in the dolphinhood. The Gen44 event was very well organized. The Secret Service was stealth and professional. There were delicious appetizers and an open bar of beer, wine, and soft drinks. It was a wonderful gathering of Chicago’s Black bourgeois. This was my kind of event and I was in heaven. After a wonderful introduction from Gen 44 organizer Jarvis Houston, Mrs. Obama delivered a wonderful and motivating speech about why we have to be active in the 2012 re-election campaign. Below are some highlights from the FLOTUS, who was smartly dressed in brown and beige polka dots. (Remember to add polka dots to summer wardrobe).

Michelle Obama: There are only 132 days until we elect Barack Obama for another term. We cannot forget what we’re focused on. We are doing this for our children to have good schools, for our grandparents to be able to retire comfortably, and because you shouldn’t go bankrupt if you get sick. These are basic American values. That's what is at stake. We can never forget.

In America, it doesn't matter where you start, you can live your dreams. The economy here is built to last and it starts with the middle class. For the past 27 straight months, we’ve gained private sector jobs. Let people know. The auto industry is stronger and people are back to work. Health reform has passed and now companies must provide for conception and young people can stay on their parent’s insurance longer. Barack Obama has doubled the Pell Grant so students don’t have to graduate with overwhelming college loans and debt. Barack Obama is fighting for the dream act. It's time to stop denying people rights because their parents came to this country illegal. Barack Obama bought Ossama Bin Laden to justice. Our troops don't have to lie about their sexuality.

Barack supports women. He has helped to close the pay gap. He appointed two brilliant Supreme Court justices and I could go on and on listing his accomplishments. But the important point I want to make is that's it all on the line. Are we going to continue the change we worked so hard for? We want the chance to finish what we started. This is an American vision. As First Lady, I have seen what being president really looks like. I have seen the problems that come across the desk...always the hard ones. There isn’t a clear right answer or even a good answer. When it comes time to make those tough decisions, a president has to draw on his life experience and vision for this country.

As a son of a single mother and father of two daughters, Barack Obama knows your struggle. He stands up for our workers and our families. You know he supports you. You can count on Barack Obama because that's what he does every day as President of the United States. But he can't do it alone. He needs you. He said this election will be closer than the last one. It will have the greatest impact on the youth. You have a stake in this election. We need you to be actively and passionately involved. We need you to make calls, plan events, and reach out to your families and friends. Shake them and tell them we need their help. If your neighborhood supports Barack, then we need you to travel and talk to others. Remind them of what's at stake and what Barack has done.

This is about action. In the end, this election could come down to the last few thousands votes. We have seen that before. We need you. We need everyone. There is no wasted conversation. No person in your family should be untouched. There are only 132 days left, but this journey will be hard. There will be twists and turns but that's how change happens. If we keep showing up and fighting the good fight, we will get there. That's the beauty of America...we always keep moving forward. When I tuck my daughters in, I want to know I have given them all I could; all the possibilities, dreams and opportunities. The last question I have for you is "Are you in?" Pack a bag and get to a battleground state. Sign up to make some phone calls. I have seen the vision and I know Barack Obama is the man to get us there.

Afterwards, Mrs. Obama came into the audience to shake hands and kiss babies. She was a gracious hostess and it was a wonderful event. BARACK 2012!!!



If you want more information on how to support Barack Obama, contact the Young & Powerful for Obama 

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  • Yes, four more years of Obama Recovery, him of supreme arrogance and hubris, and she of the many vacations and munching of burgers and fries, whilst insisting we "ear our peas".

    All for the children, of course.

    As long as you are a public union employee, Obama is leading from behind with you, because that is his biggest source of campaign money. If you happen to be employed by Starbucks, he could not care less.

    Barack is so standing up for the "little" guy that he will let the Bush era tax cuts expire and -- read carefully, dear Obama Kool-Aid drinker-- EVERYBODY'S taxes will go up as a result.

    King Louie XIIII and Marie Antoinette have nothing on Emperor Obama and Queen Michelle. At least Marie Antoinette allowed that cake was good for a person.

  • Geeze, another monitored comment blog. Why post if you fear comments?

  • In reply to Richard Davis:

    Hi Richard, I don't fear comments. I welcome them. I enjoy open dialogue. But I also like to monitor the comments so no one posts anything profane or offense on my blog. Nevertheless, I respect your opinion, but we will obviously be on different sides of the voting booth. Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment. I'm going to eat some cake now. :-)

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