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Martha Stewart can suck it: Life according to a domestic

As most of you already know, I’m a self-admitted magazine whore. It’s not something I boast about, nor something I hide from plain site, it just… So nothing tickles my funny bone and cracks me up more than these articles I read in these magazines about how I can clean my whole house in ‘just... Read more »

Mama’s time out: A guide to sanity

Working from home and being a full time mom is both a blessing and a curse. The pros: My office is at the far end of our dining room. The commute is about 10 seconds. I can work in my pj’s…or wear nothing at all depending on my mood. I have a fully stocked pantry... Read more »

5 simple things a tired mama wants for Christmas

Every year I’m asked the same question; so what ‘chu want for Christmas?! Sure, I could fill my list with silly little material items that would soothe a temporary need, but would be forgotten within a month’s time. So the big question is: for the long run, what do us hard working Mamas really want... Read more »

The top 10 ups and downs of being a mom

Privacy is a joke. Whether you’re peeing, talking on the phone or attempting to have sex with your spouse, expect to have the other human members of your family banging on the door screaming “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!” The day your youngest child is finally out of pull-ups is the BEST. DAY. EVER! You run... Read more »

Am I a better mama because I work?

It’s a debate as old as I am, yet it continues on. So who’s the better mama – the stay-at-home-mama who devotes 110% of her energy focusing on her family, or the working mom who has to split her energy in several different directions, both in and outside of the home? I don’t really think... Read more »

5 reasons why job hunting sucks for a stay-at-home mom

That time has finally come. After quitting my full time job 3 years ago to be a stay-at-home mom and resume my freelance writing career, it’s time to throw myself back in the corporate world. The kids are older, I could use more structure in my life, and to be honest – finding something in... Read more »