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A week in the life of a job-hunting mom: Day 2

7:30 ~ Sometimes, when I actually take the time to plan ahead, I realize what a beautiful thing it is. Take school lunches for example. I actually made Little Woman’s lunch last night and had it in the fridge, just grab and go. Which means I don’t have to leave my warm tomb of fluffy... Read more »

A week in the life of a job-hunting mom: Day 1

To follow up my blog last week, 5 reasons why job hunting sucks for a stay-at-home mom, I’ve decided to document a week’s worth of my experiences, ‘cause this shit ain’t no joke. And maybe some of you will you tell me that you relate, while you hold me in your arms, stroke my hair... Read more »

5 things on an exhausted mama's Christmas list

Every year I’m asked the same question; so what ‘chu want for Christmas? Sure, I could fill my list with silly little material items that would soothe a temporary need, but would be forgotten within a month’s time. So the big question is: for the long run, in reality speak, what do us hard working... Read more »