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How to explain the definition of a relationship with a pre-teen

This morning, Little Woman came to me in the kitchen with a smile on her face. My first thought was OH CRAP, WHAT NOW?! Most of us parents know that if our kids are eerily silent or smiling for no reason, they’re up to no good. And this never changes, no matter how old they... Read more »

The top 10 ups and downs of being a mom

Privacy is a joke. Whether you’re peeing, talking on the phone or attempting to have sex with your spouse, expect to have the other human members of your family banging on the door screaming “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!” The day your youngest child is finally out of pull-ups is the BEST. DAY. EVER! You run... Read more »

My initiation into Helicopter Parenting

I’ve always been a laid-back person. I take things as they go and pray for the best. I never worried more than I had to and always took the ‘if it’s meant to be’ approach to life. Until I had kids. Then my world changed upside down and I discovered cosseting tendencies I never knew... Read more »

Burst the bubble or let the dream live on: The dichotomy of a mom

My daughter is in for a world full of hurt, and she doesn’t even know it yet. With all the changes Little Woman is about to go through in the next few months, I’m nervous, excited and scared shitless for her, all at the same time. I like to think that I’ve done an excellent... Read more »