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The top 10 ups and downs of being a mom

Privacy is a joke. Whether you’re peeing, talking on the phone or attempting to have sex with your spouse, expect to have the other human members of your family banging on the door screaming “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!” The day your youngest child is finally out of pull-ups is the BEST. DAY. EVER! You run... Read more »

The most perfectly imperfect parents you'll ever meet

I was never given a book during childbirth. I had a million people tell me how they thought I should raise my kids, but they never took into account my opinions. Between generation gaps and changes in the parental ideal, here I am. All alone. Left to my own deceives, completely relying on a mix... Read more »

Am I a better mama because I work?

It’s a debate as old as I am, yet it continues on. So who’s the better mama – the stay-at-home-mama who devotes 110% of her energy focusing on her family, or the working mom who has to split her energy in several different directions, both in and outside of the home? I don’t really think... Read more »

5 brilliant ideas…until you become a Mom.

As a kid, we know nothing. As a teen, we think we know everything. In our 20’s, we’re convinced that every decision we make it the most brilliant decision ever. In our 30’s, when most of my friends and I decided to have babies, we quickly learn that all the knowledge we acquired over the... Read more »