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How 43 differs from being 42: An inside perspective

My birthday was last week. I didn’t make it a big deal at all, because to me, it really isn’t. Don’t you hate those people that ask you on your birthday “so do you feel any different?!” Yea, I hate them too. I want to punch them in the throat. It’s as if the anniversary... Read more »

How to survive life, according to a (so far) survivor

Life sucks. Period. End of story. We’re going to experience certain things we only dreamed of, yet more of what we never did. It’s a give-and-take. It’s an endless game of up-and-down. The ultimate deciding factor is how much we can deal with…and what we choose to do with what we learn. For those that... Read more »

Modern day love: If you can't kill him, marry him!

Marriage is such a wonderfully complicated virtue that usually makes me explode with love while engaging in projectile vomiting at the same time. The term ‘I love him so much I could kill him?’ Yea, I totally get that. It’s no secret that I’m on my second marriage. My first marriage was a train wreck... Read more »

The top 4 ridiculous things I've heard this week

People kill me. Some of the things I see and hear on a daily basis shock the shit out of me. And this coming from someone who’s seen AND done everything imaginable. It takes a lot to shock me, yet here I stand. For example: #1 – Hubby says ‘let’s keep the wine rack filled so we... Read more »

How to Piss Off & Alienate a Husband in 5 Days

How to Piss Off & Alienate a Husband in 5 Days
No, I don’t have a PH.D in human behavior, behavioral science or psychology. But after countless relationships and two marriages later, I think I know a thing or two about how men and women relate. This info may be more valuable than 4 years at friggin’ Harvard. Ladies, take notes! Day One – Talk. All the time.... Read more »