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A Valentine’s Day filled with love, romance and hooker heels

On the eve of yet another Valentine’s Day, as well as my 43rd birthday, it suddenly dawned on me – I have no fucking clue what it means to be sexy anymore. And after I gasped in fear at that realization, the next thought that entered my head is that I’m too young to feel... Read more »

Love, death, cancer, hope and redemption: A test of strength

Like most people, I spent most of my childhood and formative years living in a perfect bubble. The world was grand, the planets spinned in perfect orbit and everyone was healthy. Stories of heartbreak and disease were foreign to me. God bless my parents for sheltering me in the safe, middle-class suburban existence that I... Read more »

Peanut, Boo and the Fur: A love story between father and daughter

There once was a girl named Peanut, and she had a Boo. She loved her Boo more than anyone else. In the formative years, her Boo taught her how to walk, talk, think and laugh. Peanut came to appreciate him as a gentle man who treated her with love and compassion. However, Boo would never... Read more »

Modern day love: If you can't kill him, marry him!

Marriage is such a wonderfully complicated virtue that usually makes me explode with love while engaging in projectile vomiting at the same time. The term ‘I love him so much I could kill him?’ Yea, I totally get that. It’s no secret that I’m on my second marriage. My first marriage was a train wreck... Read more »

The top 4 ridiculous things I've heard this week

People kill me. Some of the things I see and hear on a daily basis shock the shit out of me. And this coming from someone who’s seen AND done everything imaginable. It takes a lot to shock me, yet here I stand. For example: #1 – Hubby says ‘let’s keep the wine rack filled so we... Read more »

Revelations from 2012: Red’s survival list

I don’t do resolutions for the New Year. I’ve tried that shit before and it doesn’t work, so why waste the time. So instead what I do is look back at the last 12 months and figure out what I’ve learned, if anything. One thing I can say is that 2012 was one of the... Read more »