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How 43 differs from being 42: An inside perspective

My birthday was last week. I didn’t make it a big deal at all, because to me, it really isn’t. Don’t you hate those people that ask you on your birthday “so do you feel any different?!” Yea, I hate them too. I want to punch them in the throat. It’s as if the anniversary... Read more »

Bar etiquette at 42 vs 22: The age debate

This past Saturday night, Hubby and I met up with some friends of mine at a local Irish pub. It goes without saying that just being in an Irish pub, a lot of drinking, dancing and overall shenanigans would occur, which was a-okay with me. The kids were safe home with a sitter and mama... Read more »

Revelations from 2012: Red’s survival list

I don’t do resolutions for the New Year. I’ve tried that shit before and it doesn’t work, so why waste the time. So instead what I do is look back at the last 12 months and figure out what I’ve learned, if anything. One thing I can say is that 2012 was one of the... Read more »

Rug samples, Relationships and Reality

It’s amazing how a couple of decades can alter your attitude and opinions in life. Like most people, I sometimes look back at what was going on in my life at 21 and now laugh at what I thought was important to me at the time.  At age 21 ~ As a single gal, the... Read more »

A bit about Red…

A bit about Red…
Being new to ChicagoNow, and after a bit of hindsight, I realized that I did not properly introduce myself. How rude! So let me slow my roll and explain who the hell I am, 10 little facts at a time.   I’m 25 days away from being 41 years old, which scares the shit out... Read more »