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A love letter to us four-eyed Beauties

Little Woman got her new pair of glasses today. At first she was excited, but that excitement quickly turned into fear. I look stupid. No boys will like me now. I’m a dork. I feel awkward. People will make fun of me. I’m going to stand out. No boys will like me now (again). I... Read more »

Burst the bubble or let the dream live on: The dichotomy of a mom

My daughter is in for a world full of hurt, and she doesn’t even know it yet. With all the changes Little Woman is about to go through in the next few months, I’m nervous, excited and scared shitless for her, all at the same time. I like to think that I’ve done an excellent... Read more »

The sexy side affects of going back to work

I’m just about to complete my 3rd week at my new job. I have to admit, time has gone by quick, which in my book means I must be enjoying myself. The first week was a huge adjustment for myself and the entire family, I already bitched about that in a previous post.  But now,... Read more »