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How to survive life, according to a (so far) survivor

Life sucks. Period. End of story. We’re going to experience certain things we only dreamed of, yet more of what we never did. It’s a give-and-take. It’s an endless game of up-and-down. The ultimate deciding factor is how much we can deal with…and what we choose to do with what we learn. For those that... Read more »

I love my boobs, but I hate cancer more

For those that know me well, I pride myself on being a strong woman and a dedicated mom. I love hard and have faced everything life has thrown at me with a resilient soul and a solid front. But right now, I have to admit something – I am scared. I had my third ever... Read more »

Love, death, cancer, hope and redemption: A test of strength

Like most people, I spent most of my childhood and formative years living in a perfect bubble. The world was grand, the planets spinned in perfect orbit and everyone was healthy. Stories of heartbreak and disease were foreign to me. God bless my parents for sheltering me in the safe, middle-class suburban existence that I... Read more »

Several different roads to the same destination: The Birthing Debate

“It’s Game Time…..” After reading that tweet from Bill Rancic, my heart began to race and emotion took over. They were official in labor and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Well, ok, they were not actually in labor, nor was the lovely Giuliana. A fabulous gestational carrier is. His sperm, her egg, anonymous uterus. Boom.... Read more »

Cancer called, once again.

Cancer called, once again.
I’ve been a sucky blogger recently. My last post was about a million years ago, or so it feels. And for someone who prides themselves on being a rock star multi-tasker, I’ve done a shit job. I’m sure a few of my readers are feeling neglected, like that kid in gym class who gets picked... Read more »