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5 things I learned when my career fell into the crapper

It’s been 5 weeks since I walked away from my last job, and since then I’ve been walking around in various states of limbo. Anyone who knows me knows I don’t “do” limbo. I’m constantly on the move; thinking, creating, planning, implementing. My get-go has always sustained me. Sometimes, I would find myself scrambling to... Read more »

When a blogger goes radio silent

It doesn’t happen very often…but when it does, you know it’s bad. I’ve been blogging almost every week for 6 years now. This is my career, my lifestyle, my release. Between this and a bottle of wine, a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy. Yet there have been moments in those years when I’ve... Read more »

The Aldi Challenge - The Taste Test

Finally, my long overdue follow up to my first Aldi Challenge blog, which you can read about here. So after returning home with my stash of goodies from Aldi, the two questions in my head were how long will this last and, more importantly, how is the quality? I had high hopes for both. For... Read more »

The Aldi Challenge - Week One

I came across Aldi by accident. Back in 2004, I was going through a divorce. I was a stay-at-home mom that was dirt poor, surviving off the small amount of maintenance and child support I was eventually awarded. I had to monitor every single penny I had to pay the bills that came with renting... Read more »

The beauty of heartbreak, and the gratefulness that follows

I know this is going to sound weird, but I would like to thank everyone that broke my heart, tore my soul apart, scarred my spirit, and brought me to my knees in pain. Why would I do this? Why would I actually thank the people that brought me so much pain? Why would I... Read more »

The biggest best mistake I ever made

It all started with a blind date, followed that night by a first kiss.  After that, lust, infatuation and sex followed.  A week later, the inevitable happened. I fell in love. It happened that damn quick. Blame naïveté, blame the pacific coast air, blame my bleeding heart begging to be a part of something extraordinary,... Read more »

I’m going to my senior prom ~ 26 years later

Confession time – I never went to my senior prom. It really wasn’t a big thing for me at the time, but it’s always been in the back of my head my entire life.  I’ve never allowed it to define who I’ve become, but yea….there’s always been that regret. That small hole in a specific... Read more »

The supersecret language of the modern day teenager

Recently, there are words and phrases thrown around my house every day, and half the time I have no damn clue what they mean. Now that Little Woman has entered the teenage years, I’ve found myself having to learn a whole new language I never knew existed. My Spanish is fairly good. My French is... Read more »

11 things we do that are beyond explanation

Butt dialing. When someone butt dials us, it usually takes us 60 seconds to realize what they’ve done. Yet we stay on the line and continue to listen for another minute or so, hoping to hear some juicy gossip on someone. Including ourselves. The smell exuding from your son’s armpit is enough to kill a... Read more »

Scoliosis: The diagnosis I didn’t see coming

We’ve all heard the saying everything happens for a reason, and each opportunity comes into your life when the time is right. Call it destiny, call it karma, whatever. My new job proves this theory. After a 5-year hiatus from working outside the house, I accepted a part-time marketing position with a local chiropractor. ONLY... Read more »