An open letter to my kids, trying to explain the world

Dear Babies,

I feel like I owe you an apology for what this world has turned into. I never expected all this tragedy to occur, and certainly never chose for you to live in the detritus. The world you live in now is so different then what I grew up in, and for that, I’m sorry. Yet at the same time, I feel it’s my responsibility to prepare you for what the world will be like in your future.

In spite of all the negativity you are exposed to every day, all the lost souls that wander in confusion, those that feel entitled to behave whatever way they wish, those that have so much anger in their hearts…there are still good people in the world.

Your great-uncle lost his life in Normandy.

Your Great-Grandfather Erman served his country in the Army.

Your Grandfather Asher served during Vietnam.

Your father is a Desert Storm Vet.

You have an uncle that recently served in Afghanistan, another that is still in service, and another that currently works as a Cook County Sherriff.

You come from a long legacy of bravery. It runs hard and strong in your bloodline. Please don’t ever take that for granted.

And let’s not forget the strong line of ladies that have been at their side the whole time. They stand in a league of their own. Their strength is immeasurable.  I pray that you both pick a spouse that will equally measure up.

Right now, there is a lot of hate in the world. But I hope I’ve raised you to see beyond the hate, to be the best person you can be.

To see beyond prejudicial ill-conceived notions and pre-determined expectations the media has forced upon you.

When you see someone of a different color or religion, to not judge them solely on that.  We are more than the shell we are given.

To observe the human complex, then make the proper choices on how to react to what is going on. To respond with a knee-jerk reaction of positivity or negativity is your choice. Neither are wrong, but both will be judged.  So choose appropriately.  And be prepared to defend your decision.

The world today sucks. I can never apologize enough for that. All I can do is prepare you for what may lie ahead, to the best of my ability. You both will be amazing people. I know this, because I’ve raised you proper. Hopefully I’ve taught you to be compassionate, with a strong moral compass. To live authentically. You come from strong stock. I trust that you both will leave this world in better condition than it was given to you.

Don’t ever give up. Love hard. Live strong. Continue the legacy.


Your Mama


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