The top 10 things I miss the most

I tried to narrow this topic down to just one person, place or thing, but found it impossible. There are several things I miss at this point in my life, and all deserve recognition. Everything on this list may not relate to one another, so bare with me while I go a bit bipolar.

*I miss the smell of lilacs that use to grow like crazy in my dad’s backyard.

*I miss the smell of my mom while growing up. She use to wear this particular perfume everyday. When I smell it now, I always smile.

*I miss walking to Comiskey Park with my stepdad, eating really bad hot dogs, stale peanuts and syrupy pop. I was in Heaven.

*I miss the freedom of jumping on my Huffy bike and riding around my neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago, visiting friends. The only rule I had was to be home by dinner.

*I miss walking through the city every day, from the train station to my college, and back again. The excitement of the city inspired me like nothing else. Still does.

*I miss first kisses. The thrill and excitement of discovering someone new is incomparable.

*I miss being able to barrel through my early adulthood, making choices on a whim and not thinking about consequences.

*I miss holding my children when they were babies. Knowing that I created these soft, squishy, wonderfully smelling humans blew my mind.

*I miss the music and movies of the ‘80’s. There’s something comforting about the decade of my formative years. When life now gets tough, I tend to regress.

*I miss the feeling of riding bareback on a horse. While in Girl Scouts, I became quite good at it. Cantering down a trail at full speed is the most euphoric feeling ever.

There are so many things I miss – BUT – I wouldn’t trade where I am right now for anything in the world. All of these moments have helped me become the woman I am today. Sure, things have become more complicated; my kids are older, I’ve comfortably retreated to a quiet suburban existence, I’ve been kissing the same man forever (which is ok because he’s a damn good kisser), I rarely get to the city much, and instead of wondering what bar to visit, my life now revolves around grocery shopping and bedtimes.

But ya know what? I’m ok with this. Actually, I relish it. And when necessary, I can always go back to those long lost moments I miss at any time. In my head, and in my heart.



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