A note about judgment

Before you set opinions of one’s actions, perhaps you should ask questions first.

Before you listen to the opinions of others, perhaps you should go to the source face-to-face, learn the real truth.

What you think is reality may be far from the truth. Take the time to understand the situation.

No one is above another. If you think you live in a glass house, the last thing you should be doing is throwing stones.

The right to judge others does not belong to you. Leave that to the Buddha above. Unless you’ve sat under their tree, day after day, shut your damn mouth.

If you choose to talk smack about someone, be prepared to be confronted. You will always be held accountable for your words.

Involving yourself in other’s lives rather then taking care of your own business speaks volumes.

Instead of glaring that judgmental light on someone, perhaps you should turn that light back on yourself. That is where the real problem lies.

If people have a false interpretation of others, and you don’t quickly clarify the situation, then the blame falls on you.

If you have a strong opinion about someone’s actions, then perhaps you should abide by Mama’s old rule of “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

In other words – shut your fucking mouth.

Play nice. Be kind. Take care of your own business. Love one another. Karma is real, and she does bite.

Namaste, my friends.

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